Which Car I should Buy? New Expat in Riyadh

Hi Brothers,

I am new here in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and this is the very first time I am going to buy a car and don’t have any idea which car I should buy. Personally, I like the Honda Accord, Civic, and Dodge Charger because of the sporty shape.

I need an advice from you that which car I should buy. Should I buy Honda or Charger? I am more concern about the maintenance cost.

My budget is around SAR 35000.

I would appreciate your response. Thanks in advance.

You didn't mention if you wanted to buy new or used.

If it is new, forget about the charger as it won't fit into your budget.   If used, you can get a good deal as these models don't have good resale value - but buy within warranty period as the maintenance costs on these cars add up over time.  Definitely more expensive to keep vs. Japanese cars.

Depends on your priority i.e. do you want resale & low maintenance costs or just drive pleasure?  for the former, go Japanese.  For latter, charger.

Looks like you want to buy used one so I suggest you go with:
Honda Accord
Toyota Camry
Hyundai Sonata

Thank you guys for your responses.

I want to buy a used car and now I am only considering  3 cars (Camry, Accord and Sonata).

Personally I like Accord from these 3 cars. At the moment I am more concern about the maintenance cost. If I go for Accord how expensive is the maintenance of  Accord from Camry and Sonata.

Camry would probably be the cheapest.   Followed by Accord and Sonata.  Camry / Accord have higher resale.

Hi there,

I think Honda Accord is the best choice for you. It's reliable car, more luxurious than Camry and Sonata, stable on roads, and you could find a full option used one with this price but little old model.

Don't go for Honda...spare parts are very expensive...

In Saudi Arabia, better go for Toyota...any model...but Toyota has much resale value here in Saudia...

As petrol is expensive, American cars such as GMC, Ford will be an expensive option.

If you are considering used cars, then Toyota is an amazing option. I also own a Camry so our choices match. I only have one suggestion, even if you are planning to buy a used car, do the check the Toyota 2019 variants once before you zero down your favorite. They are coming with many exciting options and you don’t want to repent on missing out on a superb newly launched car. They also have their new Camry variant so why not check it out.

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