OCI card timeline from Indian embassy

Hello (Indian) Expats,

Has anyone recently surrendered their Indian passport and applied for OCI card in the Indian embassy in Brussels? Would appreciate if you could give your first hand experience regarding the time taken for the processing of the application and obtaining the card.

Thank you


I see that you have not received any responses for your query but you must have already been through OCI process by now considering this thread was started in 2018. Can you share your experience? I just got Belgian nationality and would like to understand the OCI application procedure better. Thanks!

Hello CR3545,

I don't think that you will obtain an answer from gizfernz as he has been absent from the forum since a very long time....

Nonetheless, you can check the link below to obtain more information regarding the OCI application from Belgium.

https://indianembassybrussels.gov.in/oc … 0applicant(s)%20based%20in,during%20the%20designated%20working%20hours.&text=The%20applicants%20based%20in%20Luxembourg,the%20Luxembourg%20Hon%20Consulate%20office.



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Thanks Yoginee for the response!