The nightlife scene in Singapore


Having access to a good nightlife scene can be a determining factor for many expats upon choosing their next destination. Tell us more about the nightlife in Singapore.

In Singapore, what is the nighlife culture like: is it common for people to go out at night? Is there a big difference between the nightlife during the weekdays and weekends?

What are the most popular evening or nighttime activities (e.g. bars, nightclubs, shows, cultural activities, etc.)?

Is it safe to venture out in the evening and at night in Singapore?

Is there anything in particular that surprised you about the nightlife in Singapore?

Are there any apps or websites (or any other resources) that would help in staying informed about evening and nighttime activities?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


Yes it is perfectly safe to venture out at night in Singapore. It is in fact one of the most secure countries compared to others. Nightlife includes bars, clubs etc. Clarke Quay in particular is a good location for that. Fridays and Saturdays are most popular because most people do not have work the next day. Hope this helps!

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