Any expat dependents here who managed to find work?

I see standard answers here, dependent finds work and employer sponsors work permit. But how many have really landed a job? Can any Belgian employer apply for work permit? If so why hasn't the market flooded with immigrants?

I am apprehensive if life of a dependant is indeed difficult in Belgium.

But how many have really landed a job? -> Many, in my friends circle has secured jobs. Candidate is treated like any other non-EU candidate.

Can any Belgian employer apply for work permit? -> There are conditions that has to be met (for the job role) for an employer to be able to apply for a B type WP. The employer has to prove that they tried and were not able to find an EU candidate with the same skills and experience. There is also a condition on the minimum salary. … t=WizPT_P1

Professional card is an option too.(to be self employed- freelance) … employment

Okay that sounds encouraging. I will share my experiences once I come there.

[at]aneesh : I think the  condition for checking in the local market is waived off, if the job requires high skills.  Minimum salary condition is also waived off for dependents as the earning partner on WP is already earning more than the minimum salary limit.

wrt to dependents getting work : the major challenge lies in the fact that a lot of local companies require Bilingual/trilingual language skills.

Also a lot of local companies are unaware of the process of applying a work permit and most of the companies think it take a lot of time and  money. However the work permit process is free of cost is done by the employer themselves.

good info Gajendra. Thanks !

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