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Can a Non-EU national IT person work with two different employers in Belgium, one job is full-time and the other one is 4-5 hrs as a contractor ( Remote work ) .

Thanks !

Hello, I suppose this should be allowed if you work (receive payments) from a non-Belgium company. But as a belgian tax-resident you have to declare that income and pay taxes.

This is just my understanding, ant that is what I am going to do myself (declare that income for taxation).

For me this is would be also very interesting to hear reply from more experienced people.

But then the person should have 2 different B-Type visa to work with those employers ?
Or is there any specific visa that the person should opt from the Belgium Govt ?


Sorry, my bad. I see you are have asked about working for two Belgians companies. I have explained a different case.

As far as I know you are able to have only one valid worked B-card the any moment. This work permit is bonded to certain employer. So you are not allowed to work for another one (at least this employer can't do this legally).

You probably could apply for professional card without reside permit. In that case you are eligible work legally for other employers.

So we can hold B-type visa aswell as professional card together to work with other employers ?


There are two types of professional cards. One that gives right to reside (in that case you no need work-permit anymore for the period of validity of prof card) but another one doesn't. The second option is just what you asked for since it allows you to have additional income.

Who can give the clear information on the same ?

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