Obtaining - or retaining - a Credit Card


I have UK and Hungarian citizenship. I returned to live in Hungary five years ago, after retiring from a senior academic post in the UK. I have been informed by my UK credit card provider (barclaycard) that I no longer qualify for a credit card as I do not live in the UK. The HSBC Bank, with which I have current and savings accounts in the UK, won't provide me with a credit card for the same reason. On the other hand, Hungarian banks (OTP etc) say that I am not eligible for a credit card as my income is not derived from Hungarian sources. I have two UK pensions and additional income from letting out a property in the UK. Can anyone offer any suggestions?


I suppose you could try a non-bank card like American Express. Or if worst comes to worst, there are pre-paid debit cards. Useful when you need a card to buy something online.

When moving overseas, it's always best to retain a home-country address, precisely to avoid these problems with banks.

Thanks for the advice! I hadn't anticipated these difficulties as I own property in the UK and as my income is derived from UK sources.

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