Best bank for expats?

I’ve just moved to Budapest and I’m looking for a a Hungarian bank for the purpose of saving and also having my salary paid there once I start my job. Which banks are recommended with low bank charges and internet banking? It would be nice to find one that has English speaking consultants too... please help

I have an account with OTP for several years. Beside a checking account you can open an account in foreign currency for minimal fee connected to your primary account.
OTP has the most brunches in Hungary and also has the lowest fee.
I made comparisons  of various banks and the fees are very similar.
You need to get used to it that you have to pay a little more in Hungary for banking.
If you have income direct deposited the fees are lower.
I live in the USA and I do not pay anything  for banking, in Hungary you have to pay a modest fee, no matter where you bank.
Although I speak Hungarian I am certain that someone  will speak English at any of yh ed OTP branches.

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