I want Belgium citizenship. A room will the clock start ticking?

I was told by one guy that I need a flat to get the clock ticking to get Belgium citizenship. Is there any truth to this?
If i get domicile anywhere in Belgium and the police come to make sure I live there doesnt that mean in 5 years I could be a citizen and the clock starts ticking when I register at city hall?
Or do I have to rent a flat to get the clock ticking?
I know some rooms people dont let you get domicile, Im talking about the rooms with roomates that DO let you get domicile. If i got domicile with a roomate would that also count towards my path and time towards citizenship which would be 5 years?
Im american by the way.


What matters is domicile. If you are domiciled in the address you live and make sure you update the address in town hall whenever you move, that is enough.

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