Travel on Dependent Visa

Hi! My husband is working here on an employment visa, & myself & kids have Dependedant visas. I am planning to visit my family in Australia for 3 weeks, just me & kids.
Is there any restrictions on travel in & out of Malaysia on a Dependent Visa?
Also do I need any documentation stating that my husband gives permission for me to travel with the kids?

Hi Ally,
You don't need any kind of permission to travel out of Malaysia from Employment pass holder.
You are free to go out and enter in Malaysia Multiple times on your dependent pass.

In Case you taking your kids with you, it would be better to take consent letter from your Husband. As sometimes immigration officer may ask about it. (Depends on their mood)

But as you said permission from Husband, That's your personnel matter.. :D  ;)

Is there a limitation on the number of days dependent pass/visa holders can be out of Malaysia? In other words, after how many days do dependent visa holders need to be back in Malaysia after travelling to other countries?

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