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Does anyone from you here knows (any) Multinational Companies operating in Kuala Lumpur who hires foreigners and willing to sponsor Visa/Work Permit.

+Hi Recruiters --
I am active looking for jobs in Call center Industry, Hospitality Industry  and Human Resources. Referrals are much appreciated and welcomed! Please feel free to visit my LinkedIn profile for your perusal: … -b7454377/

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Hi, unfortunately, the link you provided has been removed/hidden. Please feel free to send me a message. Thanks

hi I'm currently looking for work in south east Asia. I currently live in the UK but I'm willing to relocate or travel. I have a degree in oil and gas management and vast experience in the financial industry and energy sector. I'm very keen on technology and IT so my interests in this sector is based on freelance but I do have diplomas in IT.

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Mkessani - the O&G sector is rather depressed compared to earlier and tens of thousands of foreigners lost their jobs. Companies in Malaysia are  required to employ locals as opposed to foreigners (unless none can be found). Your only route is to keep applying. As you know there are many specialist recruiters in the sector. You may need to wait until the sector recovers. Be careful of agents and job scams. IT is an easier sector (software engineering/testing or project management), but you would need solid qualifications and experience (salaries are not that high by comparison e.g. RM8k per month) Jobstreet is main recruitment portal. There is also Robert Walters and Spring Asia (who also cover engineering and admin positions throughout Asia).

Yes this I have seen in the markets but to be honest I don't mind the salaries they pay.

Among the MSC companies there are some that most likely will have the capacity (i.e. structure, paid-up capital and quotas) to hire foreigners

Thanks for you advice and guidance. With luck maybe I will find a role for myself using your advice

hello, im a filipino looking for an opportunity to work in KL. I'd appreciate if you can refer companies who accepts foreign nationals for customer service and/or social media positions. Thanks

Do you hire foreigners?

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