Dependent Visa Cancellation


I have moved to Kuala Lumpur two month back on Dependent Visa and now received an offer letter from the company who is ready to apply for My employment pass.

I wanted to know to how much time it will take to cancel my dependent pass and get the employment pass and what is the procedure for same.

First step is for the employer to apply for the employment pass. If this is successful only then is the DP cancelled. They will indicate whether the application will be accepted.

The EP process can take 2-3 weeks if done online through ESD or MDEC.

DP cancellation should take about 10 days. You will need a no objection letter from your husbands employer who sponsored your DP.  It's basically so they can confirm they are aware of the change of immigration status.

Hi Gravitas,
Thanks for the reply.

so basically it may take a month once my EP application will be submitted?

But my company wants to hire me soon so is there any way that they can process the EP application fast?

I don't know whether the EP/DP already processed are under MDEC or ESD but I believe there is a walk in service available so check accordingly. However some employers insist an agent is used.

First step is the employer must make the application to immigration for the EP to see if they can employ you.

Be careful of employers rushing you to start work without an EP because it is for your own protection.

Hi Gravitas,

I got email from my employer that my EP has been rejected and asked for some changes to made on my CV as some information was not updated.

Now I am little worried how further process will be carried on. They confirmed that they will reapply for EP application. I wanted to know is there any difference between reapplying with same documentations or an appeal for rejected visa.

How long will it take to reapply and also to know the final status for EP?
Is there any chance that the application will get rejected again?

An Appeal is the normal way to challenge a rejection. It's an opportunity to provide additional documents or arguments for why only you among the applicants can do the job (I assume there was the required competitive process) Updating a CV is fine as long as the changes are compelling, can be supported and are not just edits.

The time line is 2-3 months for an appeal. It's quite rare for appeals to succeed.

Ask what reason was given for the rejection. Based on this whether an appeal is relevant.

For example if the reason was the job can be done by a Malaysian then the employer should be able to prove the skills were not available. They could readvertise and you can apply again.

Check the job description matches your CV closely. The qualifications and experience must be 'relevant' to the JD.

Edit - just saw the final posting in this discussion which may be relevant to your situation … 66#4522152

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