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I recently accepted a job offer in one of the MNC in Malaysia. My position is Engineer and they offered me a salary of RM 8k. i am only 26 years old. I was wondering if there will be a problem in the approval of my work permit since i have read in some articles that only in IT sector they allow workers below 27yrs old. Is that true? My employer told me that they are already in the process of applying for a work permit. I am just actually waiting for the work permit. I am worried that there might be a problem with the approval because of my age. Please advise..

The minimum age for IT-related jobs is 21 yrs but immigration usually likes applicants to have at least 2 years work experience to approve an application. I expect by now you will have got your visa with reference issued.

I am interested in working part time as an English teacher in Malaysia.  Is there any age restrictions.... In Vietnam for example I am too old to get a work permit... As I am now 55.

Elaine62 - both my late husband and I had work permits at ages older than 55. I know many people above 55 who have work permits. It comes down to the employer being open to hiring a senior. But be prepared to be overlooked for employment in favour of younger people. The oldies in Asia are considered "past it" and generally it is a region that favours youth.

What people I know are doing is being on the MM2H visa and offering private tuition. The MM2H programme does allow 20 hrs work per week if an employer wishes to apply. The education sector is the most favoured in that instance. MM2H and work are grey areas but an agent such as Alter Domus may have more info on their website. They are based in Penang, George Town. Age is less of an issue outside of the KL area.

Thank you for providing me with a positive answer on the age situation...I have had so many issues due to my age....when I thought that my age should be a bonus....if you consider life experience, knowledge and reliability as a potential future employee.

No, age is not really a bonus anymore. Professors are still revered though in some cases, but that usually comes after a long track record at a single institution. Asia (ASEAN) has a high level of younger people and recruiters. I did see some classifieds on Jobstreet offering English jobs for age 35-55 only yesterday … =19552166. Your issue may not be age-related, but to do with it being a late career change, with others more experienced and knowledgeable in the job area. The other issue can be not have a degree or just a backpackers English qualification. Try Penang, where age is less of an issue. But being offered a work permit for a part-time job is probably impossible. It's Asia - where "face" is an important part of the culture. That means all sorts of "answers" are provided to avoid seeming rude or saying no. Also the income option for MM2H, most people can't fulfil because our pensions are not government provided. But that does not preclude qualifying......... it's judged on a case by case basis. The fixed deposit becomes payable, if the pension income does not qualify. Sri Lanka has a very easy retirement visa with much lower liquid assets/income requirements and less stringent rules. English teaching by retirees is commonplace.

Thank you for clarifying the culture and protocol in Malaysia, much appreciated.  Unfortunately the link for Jobstreet does not work but I will have a look at the site and see what's available.  I have got one or two part time options to pursue in Penang so fingers crossed that the red tape doesn't stop me helping others..

This is the ad posted on 1 August:

English Teacher (Part Time) - Penang ~ Language Centre (1204560-U)
We invite committed applicants with passion for teaching to be part of our established language centre. Attractive remuneration package. Req: teachers/lecturers (30-55 years old) with excellent command of English. Min 3 years of teaching experiences. Degree in Edu/Tesol. Send your resume with photo to languagecentre71[at] by latest 14/8/2017.

Ref no : 10139355592517636

Hi Gravitas. Can you please let me know how much time does it take  for visa & work permit processing?


It is taking 3-4 weeks for immigration approval, then same amount of time to get the single entry visa (has to be obtained from local Malaysian Consulate). This is because security clearance and medical is a requirement for some employment pass categories.

Hi Gravita
I am currently employed by my company in my home country which is a MNC company , and now I am being promoted for a bigger role in the same company but different location which is located In Malaysia.  And I'm only 26 this year. Will there be any issues when my company apply working permit for me? As I see some article mention that minimum age is 27 if it's not in IT sector.

Please advise.

That rule is an old one. As long as you have a degree and 3 yrs experience there should be no problem. However, if the role can be done by a Malaysian it can be difficult sometimes to get approval for an employment pass even if a MNC applies.

Noted on that.  Thank you for your prompt reply!  😊

Hi All,

I have a plan to work in Kuala Lumpur. I have read some articles said minimum age to work in Malaysia for foreigners is 27 yo. But I'm 25 yo only now. I have 3 years work experienced in media and advertising industry. I'll try to apply a job there. But I'm worried about this case.
Does anyone could help me to clarify, please?


Following. Normally, employers will know the basic age requirements for their posts.

As per the above comment from gravitas (Oct 2018), the 27 yo rule is an old one. I’m 24 yo and have just moved here for work. I have just over 3.5 years of professional work experience and hold a bachelors degree. Hope this helps to reassure you...

I am a senior educator - age 68, but still fit and strong and my brain is not dead. I have been head-hunted by an agency for a senior position in an education company. Will my age be a visa issue?

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