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Hi all

Thanks so much for all of your wonderful insights into the Beautiful place that is Malta. I was on the island a couple of weeks ago and fell in love. A bit knee jerk, as soon as I hit UK soil I started thinking about moving over with my husband and three kids. We currently live in London, in jobs we hate, and I have a spinal condition which is horribly affected by the cold. Needless to say, I had minimal pain whilst on the island, and the thought of being able to live, pain free in such a beautiful setting is absolutely exhilirating, if a little scary.

I have been applying for jobs, and have two skype calls booked for Monday. Im really just trying to get an idea of what the appetite for my skills is out there. I work within HR and Corporate responsibility at the moment, within the construction sector.
My kids are 16, 6 & 2 so I would need schools, kinder and possibly 6th form that were English speaking, and would need to find out about child minders as I have read that the school holiday lasts a whole 3 months. Does anybody know the school hours please?

Also, could somebody confirm the tax situation? I have read lots about residency but its a little confusing. Am I right in thinking that for the first six months I would pay higher tax? Is there any work around for this? And would I be able to be classed as a disabled person for tax purposes or is this subject to an application process?

I am currently the main provider in our home and my husband would probably look for work in hospitality or factory work (I.e unskilled). Am I being absolutely crazy even considering leaving my whole life in London behind?

We dont own property here and have no family, and the thought of a completely new start is really tempting.
If anyone can provide any insight, I would be truly grateful.

Thanks in advance,


Higher tax ? ?? you would actually pay less tax, when you 1st get here, They tax you as you earn.
Example if you had a job pay 30k but started in October. you would only be taxed on what you make that year as their is only 3 months left of the year,  you would be taxed on a lower threshold.
when the new tax year started i lost almost 200 euros from my wages a month. as they started taxing me on a full year.
In regards to the skype calls i had no luck with that. In my experience you need to be here, people pull out last minute, as the the move is a  big thing, i dont think employers have the trust in you unless you are here.
You also get offered lower wages, and they try to sell you the come to malta 300 days of sunshine etc. etc. i came with 3 months worth of money applied for jobs in the 1st month got a job in 3 weeks.
It was one i applied for 5 months before i came, as soon as they knew i was in malta via the agency they asked me for an  interview. i must have done over 6 skype interviews all under payed and with no luck at all.

As for the move its self go for it.. you never know unless you try, remember grass is not greener the other side but life is what you make of it, the 1st six months here i was really negative with my choice.
I took a 15k pay cut to come here, the way people are here takes awhile to adjust to them,   but i vowed to give it a year and see how i felt. i came to the conclusion life is what you make of it.
Their is good and bad in every place, i have been here a year now and im really looking forward to this summer. im settled in, i know where things are and how things work here. Made some knew friends, know some nice places to go.     
i moved closer to work as the public transport is rubbish.   
It takes some time but im happy i made the move

The problem is when you are brand new on the island and have no history they stick you in the Non Resident tax rates https://cfr.gov.mt/en/inlandrevenue/per … dents.aspx

I am not sure how you proof to your employer you are resident - but I have heard this 6 months rubbish from a few people and it comes up here often, you should ask your potential employers.

so yes, you'll pay more first while.

i just asked my works accounant if your work contract is more than 6 months and your rental contract is more than 6 months you can go direct onto a resident tax rate.
you do not need to wait six months, your employer just needs to tell them you are a resident and provide your employment contract.

Thanks all. So I had a skype interview today for DeVere group in their head office. As expected, the salary offering was much lower than what I am on in the UK so unfortunately its a no. I just cant make it work on 18000 euro a year as the sole provider for a family of 5. On higher tax for half a year?!
The HR lady mentioned the six month tax issue too so Im even more confused now Gavherb?! Thank you for asking for me though. I think the only feasible way for us to do this is to save save and save some more and then come out. Im just scared witless that I will leave a good paying job behind in the UK and not be able to find something that covers our rent and outgoings. Ive another skype interview tomorrow though so we shall see.
Im not giving up the dream just yet.

I did not pay more tax for six months,and our accountant has done this for all my co-workers coming from other country's.

18k would not be enough for what you need, you would need another wage coming in.   Try to stay away from the local Maltese company's they will pay low, try the gaming company's. It would help if you spoke another language ? but the fact your a native English speaker does help, if your willing to work shifts you can get a customer support job starting at about 22k -25k in a IGaming company.

I found linked in jobs as a good way to look.. I know you said you are HR but have you thought about recruitment? i have seen a lot of jobs advertising for recruitment PPL.

for a family of 5 and on 1 salary, I wouldn't accept anything bellow 25k, and even that only if living outside of few main cities (rent is much higher)

just my opinion ;)

Thanks guys, yeah I had thought the 25k mark was about where I would need to aim also.
Ive started to look at the gaming companies. I have a little French but it looks as though they really need scandinavian languages at the moment, which I dont have. Im going to keep searching though. Determined to do this before we leave the EU so that gives me approx 10 months.

I'd say even 25k is very low as the sole income for a family of 5 ... I mean, you're coming to Malta for a better life, right? 25k gross is about 1.7k net on married rate. Minus 800-1000 for a flat plus other expenses. Minus a few hundred Euros for your kids school bus. Minus ... and so on ... But that's a good opportunity to change into a minimalist lifestyle  :D You definitely need a second income.

and I have a spinal condition which is horribly affected by the cold

be aware that Malta is can be very cold and humid for about 3-4 months during winter.

Matm911 thanks for the info
Ive heard it the winters can be as low as about ten degrees and humid but are they damp? Its the damp that males.my back worse. Im 33 and feel like im not 'living' here in London. Just existing. The 25k will only be until my husband can fond work. Although he is only likely to earn a low income as he has no professional qualifications

It’s very cold. More cold here than I ever felt in uk mainly due to houses not built for winter


Colder indoors but not colder out then the UK, when did you last see snow and frosts here?

GozoMo :

Colder indoors but not colder out then the UK, when did you last see snow and frosts here?

Outside sure that’s not the point. Having to dress like outside when you are inside and all the side effects of damp beds and so for is significantly worse to me

I do not know the weather in the UK, but I feel colder in Malta than I did in Austria. How comes? It's true, in Austria you can have -20 degree in winter, but most of the time it's +5 to -10 in the cities. The point is, you're spending less time outside and if you come inside it's warm and dry. I liked the temp range -5 to -15 degree (especially when the sun is shining  :cool: ) because it's cold (fresh) but dry. And when you come into the warm house, your limbs start tickling and warmth starts spreading across your body. In Malta the only chance you have is to make a drive in your car and put the heating to full or wrap yourself in an electric blanket. If you catch a cough in January, you'll not get completely rid of it until the end of March ...  :sick

Every year the cold humidity becomes more and more annoying ... and I found, that I even start hating the "dry and humid heat"  :unsure in summer. The weather was point 3 on our list why we will leave this island for a "colder but warmer"  ;)  country.

We have never had damp beds and this year used air con for heating which was not expensive.

Dear sir,
          I am looking for a job in malta.How ca you please help me.

Tiju mathews

This is an Expat Forum not a Recruiment Agency, no one can find you a job , you have to look yourself.Try looking at jobs advertised on here or MaltaPark but as a TCN you may not find it easy to  get a position as locals, EU citizens are considered first.

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