Malaysia dependent VISA cancellation when EP Changed

Dependent(my wife) has travelled to in India in the month of Jan-2017 due to medical emergency. After that my EP got cancelled in the month of Apr-2017 and got new EP. She is holding old visa stamp with end date of Dec-2018.

1.    My wife can travel back to Malaysia with old visa still ?
2.    Should I apply for new DP from my new Company ?

Could you please suggest me , how do I proceed ?

Thank you

You must apply for a new DP under your new company.

The old DP is no longer valid, as it was registered to a cancelled EP.

Thank you Gravity,

To apply new DP , existing Pass should be cancelled physically right ? if yes , how does it get cancel when she is india ? Could you please share your thoughts

I have called to Mdec for the same just now, they are saying that she can travel with old DP and get cancelled it here before applying for new DP

Thank You

Interesting. Just recently someone travelled on an invalid DP and the EP holder got blacklisted.

My thoughts. If the application is made while she remains in India, she will quickly get Visa Approval Letter and VDR stamp in passport. Then when she arrives on VDR it will be OK. The old DP will be cancelled and the new EP stamped in her passport.  Check with Malaysian consulate/HC in Chennai, Mumbai or Delhi too.

First step will be to contact your old employer and ask them to cancel the DP in their database connection with MDEC.

HI Gravitas,

Currently i'm in DP and i got a job offer here. I need to cancel my DP through online first. May i know the procedure for online DP cancelling. It's very urgent. Please anyone can guide me

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