SCE membership for technician

Salaam brothers,
I applied for technician registration in SCE. Now
They send me a message to visit in Pakistan technical education board to verify the documents.
I see they have another option to get approval as per experience.
How can I get membership with experience without visiting Pakistan.
Please anyone has knowledge share with me.

go to saudi engineering council web site there is one option for u.
no need certificates just company letter and experience leter.

I need a help. How can change user name / email. SEC.  My yahoo mail i have a problem. I cannot access. I cannot recieved a msg confirmation of update.  I want to change new mail..please can you help me.


I registered with diploma in sce not
My diploma is private institute now they send me
Msg asking for marksheet it is old 20 years back I can’t find .can we change to without diploma in sce again which I applied

Rizwanss :

I registered with diploma in sce not
My diploma is private institute now they send me
Msg asking for marksheet it is old 20 years back I can’t find .can we change to without diploma in sce again which I applied

Before we respond to your question, you need to provide first information to the below QUESTIONS:

1- What is your Iqama profession (VISA).
2- How many years of experience do you have.
3- What are courses (Diploma) you took in college. In addition, how many years you completed your course.
4- Does your Diploma is already authenticated and attested in your home country, yes or no?

Iqama technician
15 years experience
Diploma is from aptech private institute for one year
It is not attested from Saudi embassy or
Culture it is not
College aptech is private institute
I applied with diploma. And now they want records they send just open profile and update so can sce make this membership As private or refund and cancel
So I can try to  change profession as my friends did

Course is one year diploma now I can’t find any records as it is 20’yeass back and I csll head office of private institute they send in email that it is old 20 years and now subject changed so can’t do anything

I completed one year diploma in computer technology

So, you completed one (1) year course of Computer Technology 20 years ago, and you have not authenticated neither attested with Saudi Culture and Saudi embassy in your home country. Worst, you lost the diploma & TOR and can't find any records at all anymore. Anyhow.

1 - I suggest you to register in SCE with DIPLOMA for Computer Technician profession if your documents are readily available. And yes, your diploma must be authenticated and attested in your home country.

You can register without diploma but SCE will give you 3 months temporary membership only; and they will cancel it if you fail to upload the required diploma and supporting document certificates.

Here is how to register as Computer Technician (Diploma holder): Upload the following documents to the SCE profile that you have created:

- Attested diploma, both sides.
- Authorization Letter, download from SCE website, fill out properly, and scan.
- Introduction letter from the current employer, attested by the Chamber of Commerce.
- Copy of Iqama/Entry visa page in the passport.
- Copy of Passport.
- Personal Photograph (passport quality).

*Note: All documents are subject to verification from the issuing agency.

Hello my friend I already paid 500 sr and made registration and  uploaded my diploma certificate it is not registered
I asked one agency in india they said private diploma can’t be attested for Saudi
Now when I made registration they said it is under process and I got msg from
Sce that
Upload marksheet from level one to last level which I cant find so I want to know if I can  convert same registration to without diploma or refund money and make profession changed to other profession which not require registration
So want to know if this membership can be changed to other way as I applied with diploma and I want to make
It change without diploma with experience letter of
Company and than change profession

Don't waste your time trying to edit or re-do your SCE profile (account) by trying to change it from with Diploma to no Diploma, you've made a mistake already.

I suggest it is better to DELETE it (your SCE account/profile) and start over. This time, make it sure to register yourself into non-engineering (TECHNICIAN) profession without DIPLOMA.

Can it be deleted some
Friend told
It can’t be deleted profile
And I have to
Pay again 500 sr

Your in what country right now and can u just confirm me if the profile can be deleted so that I can delete profile and just tell hr to change my profession without making registration go
SCE if it can done

Just confirm
Me about this
Thanks for ur support

Don't believe anybody except Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE). I'd suggest you to visit the nearest SCE office near your area; or call their unified number 920020820 and inform them that you want to cancel your profile, and that there is no option to delete your SCE account.

But I’m working in Madinah and there is not Saudi council
Office here so I asked you if u have idea or u can just confirm and let me know
My friend here said they have contact no we can call and
Ask them
If u have idea let me know

If you are in Madinah, the nearest SCE office is located in the address below.

Jeddah - Prince Sultan road neighborhood Muhammadiyah in front of Jarir mall next to Sahel station
Phone (+966) 012 2844242
Fax (+966) 012 2843377
PO Box 54 344 - Jeddah 21514


Good afternoon I got now membership ID and it is for 1 year so now I checked jawazat option is red so now i can renew my iqama

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