Is work hard to find in Spain

I have heard unemployment is high in Spain but I can never seem to get anyone interested or willing to do any work at my villa in Alicante.

Hi Lucinda my names Micky I’m always doing bits of work and would be glad to help you I have not long moved to quesada not to far

What work do you actually do Micky?.  What's the normal cost to trim a tall palm tree if you are capable of that?.

OK Micky blue, your are a skilled  gardener but not capable of trimming a palm tree. Perhaps that's why I started the thread.

So sorry but I don’t have experience in climbing palm trees otherwise I would.  Honesty is how I am

Thanks for your honesty Micky. Sad nobody wants any work in Spain, maybe it's gone out of fashion.

Lucinda. Remember, in spain one must be qualified to perform the particular type of work one does   

Also the cost of being employed is high 

That leads to people working illegally

If you need a skilled person to trim trees, I suggest you have a word with a nearby garden centre

Thank you so much johncar to spare your time on this subject.

I have been to 2 of my local garden centres and they said they were not interested or knew anyone who would be to do the work. They did offer to give me an estimate for 50 euro but not do the work.

I am quite happy to pay cash, their status is not my business or concern, that is their responsibility. How am I expected to validate any workmen. Nowadays they can print anything. I will check with my garden insurance company.

I would not have a clue of which qualification documents to ask for. Is there such a thing
as a degree in palm tree cutting?.

Please advise johncar

Lucinda I found this in the Internet

And 657 508 264. Offering trimming from Benissa to Torrevieja

I of course have no knowledge of either

Hiya. I know a chap who does palm trees.

He's called Javier and he shins up trees using a version of the traditional harness. He's a really nice bloke too. He lives in the Sax/Elda area and he's told me stories about working in Alicante so if you want to PM me I'll give you his details.

Another method would be to contact or go to the Palm museum in Elche and ask there. If you do phone the museum you may find they are either clueless or unhelpful at first.

I saw an event where a bloke was going to climb one of the palms and talk about the trees and their use. I turned up a few minutes before the advertised time and asked in the museum where the demonstration was. The woman seemed to have no idea and her only help was to suggest that I talked to the "chico" who maintained the palms. So I had to wander around the palmeral until I found a bloke who looked like he worked there. He shinned up the tree and we had a very interesting conversation about the picudo rojo and the various treatments. So it worked out alright in the end but it was hardly the most professional event I've come across.

I was trying to upload an image here but I can't but if you look at my blog - Life in Culebron - which you can find on this site you will find some tabs at the top of the page that go to my photo albums and in the March album there are a couple of photos of Javier doing his stuff on our tree.

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