House and pet sitters

Hi all. Does anyone know any house sitters in black river area and what rates we can expect to pay per night?


I’m working on this myself! It’s so difficult. If you find out, please would you inform us all! Failing that, how about we help each other... we sit yours and you sit outs? We are Tamarin. Could work !!

Hi am both house or pet sitter...inbox for details

Hi Yassir. I have seen your post regarding pet sitting.  Do you still do this?
We are in Pointe Aux Biches, but we need someone who is here during the day and not out to work.
Regards, Penny

hello. thank you for replying.. actually it part time because i do have a full time job working with  police dogs... for example you going out for some days you need someone to look after the animal, then i can do it. i will come to give the animal food grooming and clean kennel if dirty and a walk of 20 to 30min..  i send you a friend request. we can inbox for more details ok, thank....................................regards yassir....

Hi Yassir,

Thank you for your reply.

I will wait for your friend request.

Kind regards,

how are you.. thank you ..will inbox you in private now..

Hi there,

I have been house-sitting on Reunion for the past month for a friend of a friend, and it has been great!  I am coming to Mauritius on August 9 to manage some tourism projects. I would love to house sit and/or doggy/kitty sit for a home anywhere on the island.

I am an English Teacher from Canada.


hi there

I will be looking for someone to house sit and take care of my two doggies and cat over the December time ?

Hi Donavan,

I will be in Mauritius as of August 9 long term.

I thought you were living in SA.


Hi Donavan,

I'm available over the next week's to house and pet sit if you still need it.

Hi all,

I'm avaliable over the Easter holidays between 11 - 20 April 2020 if anyone needs a house/pet sitter during that time.

I am a teacher from SA.


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