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Hi everyone here,

Am new on this forum. I felt in love with Jamaica last year while I travelled there for the first time in June, then I went again in December. I met jamaicans in France 3 years ago and we are very closed friends now. I'm feeling so lucky to have the opportunity to be hosted by my friends, as if we always knew eachothers, as a family. I invited them to come and visit me in France in March, 2018, for almost 3 weeks.

We are preparing the visa request and I wrote an invitation letter giving information about I will host them at my home and I will be providing financial support for them. I put enclosed copies of my passport, last tax return and a bank statement.

My friends had met a travel agent and she said that this letter wont be enough ! She said it would be helpful for us to authenticate/certify it.. who can do that ? A notary ? A bailiff ? The police ? Do they need my DNA ?  :unsure

Does someone know something and can help me ? I am open to your advices  :)

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Usually invitations for EU countries must be notarized, or possibly approved by the immigration police.  I cannot say what the exact procedure is for France, but it should be along those lines.

thank you Romaniac for answering  :)
i will see if a notary can help..

Hi Maria,

Normally, aside from invitation letter coming from you, the embassy needs the Attestation d'accueil. This can be obtained at your mairie.

This link might help you … oits/F2191


Hi Jessie,
Thank you for your help.
I went to the city hall last week and they told it to me, i completed the from and am now waiting for the answer...!
Merci  :top:

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