Help! - Moving to Denmark from The Netherlands without jobs

Hi there!

My partner and I are from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and have just made an offer on a property in Denmark (Svendborg). We are dreaming of a lifestyle change, out of very busy careers starting up a new life, as well as a new business.

We will pay the house in cash, so don't need a loan. We then have some small savings left.
On the immigration page for EU members we see different possible scenarios to be allowed to stay, but I would like to ask for your advise / insights / knowledge in helping us making this move possible.

I am currently in a full-time employment in Amsterdam, so will be resigning from my job. My partner is a freelancer here. We work in creative & marketing and feel confident that we will both still able to do some freelance jobs for our current clients. We don't know how much earnings we will make, nor how frequent these jobs are.

The property we are bidding on is a small orchard / farm in Langeland, close to Svendborg.
We would like to start living off the land, creating a permaculture environment and earn money by selling some of our produce on markets etc.
As we won't have any rent or mortgage costs, we think we should be able to keep our expenses to a minimum by living as much as possible from our own land.

Question now is - how do we proceed, and what can we expect?
We think our offer on the property will be successful and want to live there full-time, but in reality have no jobs or earnings to show.

If we can provide sufficient funds to support ourselves, how much funds is sufficient? We cannot find the amount anywhere.

Secondly - could we in theory move, register self-employment and start a small farming / B&B business, or something along these lines and would this be satisfactory to the government in granting us the permit to reside there fulltime?

I'm sorry for the long text, but I hope some of you may have some answers for us.
Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this and I'm excited to hear your thoughts.


PS - any expats living close to Langeland / Svendborg oder Odense? It would be fantastic to already make some contacts before we get there :-)

I must admit that I would have made the research first, then bought. Never mind, I hope you have had a good advisor so you haven't offered too much for the property. We talk about an area where it is very difficult to sell the properties even if the prices are low.
I link to this site where I have searched on sold properties on Langeland from 2014 to 2018: … amp;kode=1 (English version) (German version)

You will always be welcome to contact Statsforvaltningen for futher information.

It's always difficult to say how much money is needed as we people are so different, and it also depends on where you settle down. Maybe, below links can shed some light upon this issue. … g-expenses … ry=Denmark … in-denmark


Hi Nellie! Thank you for the info! We have not bought it yet, but have only made a non-binding offer at this stage. We are in the process of researching everything, so your answer is very helpful! If you have any other advise or someone else does, let us know! Thanks again!   :)

Oh and as for the money needed - it's not so much about the living cost I was wondering, but about the amount the government sees as "sufficient funds". Is there a set amount they have in mind per year, or better, how do they calculate this?

Statsforvaltningen can tell you the exact amounts needed for your stay. (Link in my earlier answer).

I am confident that you'll be able to meet the requirements as you have your savings.

You are welcome to send me a pm regarding the property, and I shall see what I can find out of, in general and in particular.

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