Internships in Denmark

Internships in Denmark
Updated 2019-12-18 09:01

If you are under 34 years of age and looking to gain experience abroad, why not consider an internship in Denmark? With a prosperous economy and a high standard of living, Denmark is a great place to gain working experience. There are various types of internships available in Denmark, each with individual requirements.

General conditions for internships in Denmark

Most internship programmes have age restrictions – see the specific age requirements for the various sectors listed below. Additionally, some general conditions apply to all internship positions:

  • Internships must be supplemental to an educational programme based in your country of origin or a country in which you have legal residence. Internships for foreigners may not be used to supplement Danish educational programmes. 
  • Any internship must be relevant to your existing educational background and part of on-going studies. 
  • Paid internships must have a salary that is in line with the law on Danish collective agreements for interns. 
  • Unpaid interns must provide documentation (e.g. bank statement or scholarship) that shows they have enough funds for financial self-support.  
  • Internships have a maximum duration of 18 months with no possibility of extensions. ‘Green sector' internships of 12 months may be extended to 18 months when supplemented by further studies at a Danish agricultural or technical school. 
  • Family members are not allowed to accompany students who are in Denmark on internships. 

Types of internships in Denmark

Internship opportunities are available in the following sectors:

‘The green sector' – Agricultural, veterinary sciences, forestry, horticulture

Internships within the green sector have a language requirement: applicants must pass a verified language test at A2 level or higher in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, German, or English. Intern permits will not be granted to applicants who have already completed their educational programme. The institution or company offering an internship must be approved to host foreign interns, and proof of this will need to be submitted along with your application. 

Age restrictions: Interns within the green sector must be older than 18 and up to 29 years old at the time of submitting the application. 


Internships within the health sector are available for those between 18-35 years of age. There is no age limit for medical interns. Interns do not need to be studying at the time of application but an educational programme completed within the last year and a half is preferable. 

 Good to know: 

All public hospitals in Denmark are approved to host interns from abroad. If there is a specific health field in which you are interested, it might be worth sending in a general application. 


The age limit for internships in architecture is older than 18 and younger than 35 years of age. Residence permits cannot be granted to interns who have already completed their education in architecture. 

The host institution or company must use the standard internship contract set up by the DANSKE ARK, or Danish Association of Architectural Firms. Read the contract and see more specific requirements on the Danske Arkitekt Virksomheder website

Other interns

Internships in fields outside of the green, health, and architecture sectors must be offered by places that are qualified to host interns. A course description for the internship will have to be provided, as well as a letter from the host that states information about supervisors, previous internship programmes, and a training plan. 

Find an internship in Denmark

Aside from submitting general applications to companies of interest, here are some places to search for internship opportunities:

Job Index
Graduate Land
Go Overseas

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