Working in Denmark as a digital nomad

Become a digital nomad in Denmark
Updated 2019-12-18 10:47

Denmark is an attractive destination for expats: its high quality of life, good wages, and urban development make it a promising place for digital nomads. However, it does not feature on the stage of digital nomad destinations. 

Understanding Denmark

Once a major port in Northern Europe and home to many Viking raiders, Denmark has since become a quiet haven for locals and expats who enjoy a peaceful existence. The country is often labelled as the happiest country in the world, and with great attractions, modern urban developments, and a sophisticated lifestyle, it's easy to see why. 

From convenient public transport to innovative tech start-ups and new Nordic cuisine styles, Denmark has it all. For digital nomads, working in one of the bigger cities is a great way to experience a slice of Denmark in a stress-free environment. 

Working in Denmark

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and an undoubtedly cool city. It is also Denmark's tech capital, and the technology sector here is booming. Danish start-ups are working with big money, and the city is suitably equipped with internet and co-working spaces. 

The city is fitted with all the modern amenities expected of a modern capital: convenient bus and train routes, a vast network of cycling paths, great shopping spots and countless cultural experiences – to name just a few. Yet despite all the modern markings of a metropolis, Copenhagen remains a place of calm sophistication dotted with rich historical buildings and a deep feeling of ‘hygge' (cosiness). 

Another large city in Denmark to look out for is Aarhus. With a large student population that brings an instant buzz to the area, Aarhus is a promising place to find fellow digital nomads who benefit from fast internet speeds and affordable co-working spaces in a student city. 

Internet speeds in Denmark

Denmark ranks high on the list of fastest internet speeds worldwide with an average broadband speed of around 20.1Mbps. Internet rates are very affordable and free Wi-Fi is available at most restaurants and cafés, and even some shopping malls and public transport hubs. Most hotels and hostels also offer wireless internet free of charge. 

Co-working spaces in Denmark

Many co-working spaces offer a free tour to show you the space and help you decide on the best membership option for your needs. Common facilities to be found at these co-working spaces include small kitchenettes with coffee/tea making facilities, meeting rooms, access to printers, and electronic key access. Some spaces even host social events and parties. 

Here are some of the best co-working spaces for digital nomads in Copenhagen:

Talent Garden Rainmaking
UMA Workspace (free day pass available)
Spaces Ny Carlsberg Vej
Nomad Workspace
Founders House

Here are some co-working options in Aarhus: 

Respace co-working portal

Traveling to Denmark as a digital nomad

EU/EEA and Swiss citizens can travel to Denmark on a National Identity Card and do not need to apply for a visa for stays of up to 90 days. Citizens of other countries may require a visa – check our guide visas for Denmark for more information. 

 Good to know:

Denmark is a beautiful country with lots to see and do. Working as a digital nomad can be paired with seeing some great historical sites and enjoying the many green areas found in every city. English is widely spoken and Danish people are very polite, although quite reserved. 

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