Finding work in Esbjerg
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The city of Esbjerg is located on the southwest coast of Denmark. It is a flourishing port city and the second largest after Aarhus. Expats looking to work here might find luck in the oil, energy, and offshore activities sectors.


Esbjerg is relatively small and remote. The harbour has ferry routes to several major cities while the airport has connections to Aberdeen and Stavanger. Find out more information about the Esbjerg Lufthavn and ferry system

Despite being a smaller city than most, Esbjerg has a great collection of museums and natural areas to explore. Denmark’s largest national park Wadden Sea National Park is accessible by ferry from Esbjerg Harbour, and Marbæk Nature Park lies just 12 km northwest of the city. 

The economy of Esbjerg

Due to its strategic location and close proximity to Western Europe, Scandinavia, and the United Kingdom, the Port of Esbjerg is a major hub for energy services in the North Sea. Denmark is a leader of green production, and Esbjerg offers the opportunity to create renewable resources in transport, electricity, and energy. Offshore energy production and wind-turbine manufacturing are lucrative industries in Esbjerg, and the city is one of Denmark’s largest fishing ports. 

Language requirements for working in Esbjerg

English-speakers with professional qualifications might be able to find a job without additional language requirements. However, speaking Danish, German, or other Scandinavian languages is an asset. 

Expats who plan on relocating to Esbjerg can look to the Newcomer Service in Esbjerg for assistance about the area, available schools, and public services. The website has an English language option and offers useful information. Assistance for finding a job in the area is also available.  

Career prospects in Esbjerg

Esbjerg is home to several major international companies including Maersk and VestfrostViking Life-saving Equipment is another big company in the city. Esbjerg also has a local campus for Aalborg University, Esbjerg Technical Institute. Here are some of the sectors with vacancies in Esbjerg:

  • Information technology
  • Trade and services
  • Engineering and technology
  • Sales and communication
  • Offshore roles

Jobs that are high in demand include project managers and planners, engineers in energy-related fields, service technicians, and offshore specialists.

Trailing spouses outside of the engineering and offshore industries can apply for administrative and teaching vacancies at places like the Esbjerg International School. Danish speakers can apply to positions at the Esbjerg Kommune. Students of the local Aalborg University campus might be able to find part-time positions and internships at some of the larger companies in Esbjerg. 

Where to search for jobs in Esbjerg

Business Esbjerg is one of the best local websites to find out more about relocating to Esbjerg to work, study, or do business. Business Esbjerg has its own career portal to search for jobs and offers free business services to support incoming entrepreneurs. 

Esbjerg Kommune jobcentre is another place to start searching for administrative positions, although many of these might require fluency in Danish. 

Here are some more places to search for jobs in Esbjerg:

World Marine Offshore
Port Esbjerg
Semco Maritime
Altus Intervention

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