Accommodation in Esbjerg

Accommodation in Esbjerg
Updated 2019-12-18 12:35

Located on Denmark's southwest coast, Esbjerg is a hub of activity for international oil, offshore, and energy activities. The city has a strategic position for trade and houses many expats who work in engineering, shipping, and offshore sectors. The University of Southern Denmark and Aalborg University campuses in the city make it an attractive location for international students and academic professionals. 

Neighbourhoods of Esbjerg

Despite its small size, Esbjerg is a vibrant city with many different neighbourhoods. Many of the neighbourhoods are within walking distance to the city centre, while outlying areas can be reached easily by car. Each neighbourhood has local childcare centres and kindergartens, while some of the areas have secondary schools. 


Like New York City, Esbjerg's ‘Indre By' (inner city) comprises a grid pattern of streets that run parallel to one another. The inner city is the hub for retail activities and hosts the main square or Torvet. 

Old city centre

Located just outside Esbjerg city is Jerne, an older area characterised by open green areas and small detached houses. Some areas of Jerne also have multi-storey apartment buildings. 


Boldesager is primarily a residential neighbourhood located within walking distance of Esbjerg Station. Detached single-family homes are plentiful here. The city's main hospital is also located in this area. The area has its own retail district and shares sports grounds with nearby Jerne and Spangsbjerg. 

Østerby and Gammelby

This is the southeastern suburb of Esbjerg. The areas are popular with families and have a range of accommodation options, including older detached dwellings and newer small apartment blocks and homes. 


Just north of the city centre is Spangsbjerg, an area that houses the city hall and the police station. In fact, the inner part of the neighbourhood is considered to be part of the city centre. It has everything from villas and architectural masterpieces to modern high-rise apartments and low apartments with private gardens. 

Strandby and Vesterby

An urban area that borders the harbour, Strandby is trendy amongst students with its many shared housing options. Vesterby is equally trendy with a selection of specialty boutiques. 

Outer areas

There are several outlying areas within easy reach of Esbjerg. For example, the culture-rich village of Endrup with small houses and farms is just 20 minutes from the city by car. Bramming is another residential area with a population of just over 7,000. There are two train connections to Esbjerg and Ribe. 

Vognsbøl is a recreational hotspot with lots of green areas, lakes, and the city's biggest stadium. The Aalborg University campus is located here, and students can find a variety of housing options in this area. A more family-friendly area is Tjæreborg, a residential area that has been chosen to be developed as part of the Next Step City sustainable energy project. 

Finding accommodation in Esbjerg

Since Esbjerg is a relatively small city, newcomers might have more success asking for referrals from friends or colleagues. The Esbjerg Municipality also offers assistance to newcomers and has constructed a comprehensive list of housing portals and associations

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