English speaking jobs in Denmark

Hi everyone , I am Sanjay from India. Planning to move my base to Denmark . I have 4 years experience in Management. I have a graduation in Commerce and Masters in Management.

I can get my immigration and work visa done in a couple of months , the only apprehension i have about moving out to Denmark is that a lot of people say that ,  Denmark has only a minimal ( few ) job opportunities for English speaking professionals and its predominantly a Danish job market , with respect to the language.

Can anyone kindly advice me the job market for only English speaking professionals ( no danish language knowledge) ?

Hi Sanjay
I lived in Denmark for 6 months and after that time I was quite fluent in the language, it's quite easy to learn and much easier while you are hearing it all the time.  I have heard that for the higher level jobs (which you would be looking at) you can work with only english.  My advice would be to start off working in the tourist/leisure industry where English is a plus and there you will get practice using Danish, then you can move on to whatever you want to do !:)

thank you lilje

i appreciate the time you have spent to answer my queries. but is it so that danish is a must to know in denmark to even get a part time job and sustain one , till a full time job is secured. i would be getting there with only a minimal bank balance , hence i dont want to come there and be idle . is it possible to come to denmark and get a part time job , and will it be helpful to clear off my bills till i get a full time job , without danish knowledge ?

hej lilje

er det rigtigt at det tog kun 6 måneder for dig til at lære dansk? det er fantastisk. jeg har aldrig mødt en som kunne gøre det.

Ja, det er faktisk veldig flott ! Jeg er imponert !

I think you can attend free Danish lessons upon arrival. I'm not sure whether they are free or not since the norwegian system, being very similar, has introduced fees to norwegian course very recently :(

As I've previously said in an other topic, learning Danish is not a difficult matter per se. However, pronunciation can be very tricky and hard to understand at first. No panic! You'll be fluent after a while I'm sure :)

Best regards, and lykke til for fremtiden!


maybe have a look at these English language jobs in Denmark. There are many current job openings, despite economic crisis!


Hi can send me some details of hotel related jobs,

Namaste Sanjay,

While I appreciate Lilje's optimism, I will try to present you a more realistic picture, from a fellow Asian point of view. I am not saying you should not come. But I will be careful to get a balanced view and to plan properly.

Firstly, very few people learn danish in 6 months. And to speak with very little accent is even harder. Assuming you are good in languages, you have to find out if and when you will be entitled to free danish languages. Otherwise, it would probably be cheaper to take lessons in India before coming.
You can google Studieskolen and KISS for some prices here.

Secondly, even though there are many jobs which may not require danish, everyday life in Denmark may be hard without it.
Coming from a Commonwealth country like you, I never had problem finding my way around until living here.  Everything is in Danish. If you are a tourist, you will be impressed by the dane's fluency in English. But in the work and living environment, they will jump right into danish irregardless of whether you understand.

Thirdly, you should get a better understanding of the job market here. Unemployment is expected to continue for the rest of 2009 and 2010.(Denmark Statistics). Unemployment is high for the small danish economy right now. Many Danes are unemployed. As with many countries, companies will choose to hire a dane over a foreigner. As I understand it, there are many Indians who have gotten the Green Card and are living in Denmark. Perhaps you can talk to them to udnerstand how they are doing?

Lastly, I have to warn you that many of us Asians with fancy academic papers come here thinking that we are qualified for management positions. I can tell you that in Denmark, we have to work hard to earn this.

Denmark is a very isolated country. So people are weary of foreigners who are different from Europeans. When we say we are skilled and educated, the Danes may not believe it.

So be prepared that you may have to spend some time convincing them. Many foreigners take a lower job and move upwards from there. You will be very frustrated here if you are not prepared to do this.

If you would like more information or help, do write me.   

Good luck and I hope you make it!

[at]nowomannocry: KISS has been closed since a couple of years ago.

Hi there, try jobsincopenhagen.com
But I would have to agree with NoWoman here. Danish are an isolated lot and you are going to have to work hard to get into the country. But it's a good experience.

Yep, thats true...its a predominantly danish speaking country very similar to all EU countries which have their own predominant languages.

IT field had better openings for english speaking like us but with danish unemployment at its peak...its hard to get even that in present conditions.

Hey flipper,
KISS reopened this year and is taking in students for October.

I'm not applying for permanent residency, otherwise I would sign up with them again. It's by far the fastest way I can learn danish.

I would like to know about the good place for getting easy jobs for migrants

Hey guys,

I will be relocating to Denmark sometime this year from Uganda, any headups of what i should expect?

Hi Afridansk,

   If you are planning to move to Denmark, perhaps you can visit first this site: MyDenmarkTV

   It is a website offering insights and practical tips about living in Denmark. And a weekly web TV show about Denmark providing foreigners and new arrivals with useful insights and practical tips about the country.

   Denmark awaits you!


Hello Sanja.

First of all, i don´t really agree that one can learn the Danish language in the space of 6 months. Some people have the gift for fast learning, but most don´t.
When moving to Denmark, the government will allow you 5 years to learn the language in speach & handwriting. Don´t be alarmed,it´s only the basics you have to learn. But you will pick it up as you go along. Involve yourself with children, thats always the best way to learn. and watch a lot of Danish tv programs.
When moving to Denmark, the first thing you do is get registered. This is a must. Once you have completed this task, the Danish social system will try to find you employment, instead of paying unemployment money to you. At this point you have the oppotunity of going to a school, which will teach you the language and the government will pay for this. How fast you attend and go to these classes will be totally up to you.
As for the job situation. This is a link only for English speaking professionals as you requested. http://www.jobsincopenhagen.com/ Copy paste this link, and you might just find something there of intrest.

I hope this info has been useful to you :o)
Have a pleasent day.

Luke. What do you mean with government allow you 5 years to learn the language.

As far as I know people who are entitled for free language lesson must do it in 3 years time, after that they have to pay for themselves and people who are NOT entitled for free language class (they  have to pay themselves) don't have limits on how fast or how long they should learn.

Hi Flipper!

When i first came to Denmark, and registered myself. I was told by the police, that i would have 5 years to find a job, and to learn the language. If this task was not completed in 5 years, then i would be sent back to the UK.
I even have the documents that states this. I don´t know if the rules are different for someone living outside the EU. But i just tell it as i see it. This was something that i personally had to do, and 5 years is plenty of time to find a job, learn a trade and learn the language :o)


Perhaps you are right and that the 5-year rule applies to EU nationals

Just my two cents... If one has a particularly good memory and/or can process languages well (along with a certain amount of diligence), I think it would certainly be possible to speak Danish reasonably fluently after 6 months.

I myself am learning Danish now at a folkehøjskole, and, after only 3 months I can already carry on the simplest of conversations with Danes "off the street", understand some people perfectly well (while understanding others not at all!), write a simple composition as well as take simple lecture notes in Danish, listen to or watch DR and TV2 and know basically what's going on, and read newspapers even like Politiken and understand relatively much of it. I'm able to deduce the meaning of quite a few words i don't know just by context. I do have to admit to speaking German as well as English, so about 25% of the time I can just translate from Danish right into German. I've signed up for, and don't really think I'll have many problems in passing the "Prøve i Dansk 2".

So if it's true that the Danish government gives one 5 years to learn Danish, that seems very generous to me! In my class is a person who has been here for a year and a half, but who still can't manage in Danish more than I can. His attention span is virtually zero, he can't seem to spell, and he still has a problem with simple grammatical and pronunciation rules. Among other things, he has a real disconnect between the spoken and written language. This actually wouldn't be any issue, except for the fact that he has blamed the particular teaching methods here for his lack of success. One can always argue about bad teachers and bad methods, but I came here in January with nothing, and I'm already taking the "Prøve 2" in May/June! Even if teachers/methods may not be the best, there are still so many other resources out there free for the taking! So instead of saying that the method is faulty, he should rather say perhaps that the teaching style does not match his learning style. I've formulated two rules out of learning Danish during this time: 1. Learning Danish is mostly in the head; and, 2. It's not Rocket Science!

Hej Sanjey and Others....

if you want jobs in denmark please visit this bellow blog.

I am also thinking of moving to Denmark. This is all really usefull info. I'm from the UK, I have been learning Danish remotely for about 1 and a half years now and at a conversationgal level. However I would not be able to do business in Danish. I work in healthcare advertising, and I am worried that I may not be able to get a job there without speaking very advanced Danish.

With reagrds to being foreign in Denmark, I don't think this would be a problem for me as English and Danish culture is similar on many levels.

Any thoughts?

Steppy, I had 3 classmates who are nurses from India who arrived in Denmark just in January 2010, and were fortunate to find jobs as nurses in Northern Denmark in June. In the meantime they were in the same basic Danish course as I, and they started from absolutely nothing. They still only know basic Danish now, but they should quickly improve now that they are working full-time.

I don't think English and Danish culture are too similar, but I'd say go to Denmark anyway and improve your Danish there, and at the same time see what you can make of working there. Good luck!

hi every one.i am living in Romania at the moment with my husband and would like to move to Denmark this year.how much do you think i should have in order to sustain myself there???probable get a small studio apartment to live until i get a job??please help.thank you

Hi Everyone!!!

I am Kamal, I live in Dundee Scotland. I am planing to move to Denmark soon, within few months. I am in the UK and doing job here. How can I learn Danish quickly from the UK as I have no one to speak here. Please help.

Danish is a very difficult language to learn on your own, without hearing the Danes pronounce the words.  The language sounds very different from how it looks, to the point that a friend of mine who has been in Denmark for 9 years said she learned it best by looking at written and spoken Danish as two different languages.

I've found Rosetta Stone for Danish to be somewhat helpful, but others have had luck with the Pimsleur approach.  Either way, if you can find a Danish person in Scotland to help you, you will have much better luck learning the pronunciation.


Thank you for your reply. I also faced this problem during working in Thailand. It was a totally different language, I learnt from the people...I a trying to find someone to teach me, otherwise I have to face the inconvenient reality.


If you already have a job offer in Denmark and will be a legal resident here, the government provides free Danish classes.

I have got Green Card Visa recently, tried to transfer my job, my office says I have to speak Danish, then I can rejoin in Danish branch....

my name bilal zaib i,m from pakistan,and now living in spain,
i want move to denmark because i like denmark very much.


I am pallabi spent aroung 3.5 years in UK, presently in India for last one year.

I am thinking to apply for Denmark PR.

I am experineced for 1+ year as software developer in Uk and 8 months in retail and operation managemnt in UK. and I am an MBA from UK adn M.Sc in Comp.Sc. from India.
Want to Denmark living of expenses,  earning potential, and job market.
Most  importnat I do not Know Danish but English is fluent.


I am pallabi spent around 3.5 years in UK, presently in India for last one year.

I am thinking to apply for Denmark PR.

I am experienced for 1+ year as software developer in UK and 8 months in retail and operation management in UK. and I am an MBA from UK and M.Sc in Comp.Sc. from India.
Want to Denmark living of expenses,  earning potential, and job market.
Most  important I do not Know Danish but English is fluent.

can anyone give me a proper  idea in detail!!

Hi Pallabi,

If you are thinking of moving to Denmark because of the earning potential and you have heard of the low unemployment rate then you would be correct that wages tend to be higher (bear in mind higher tax however) and unemployment rate is indeed low however it will not be as easy as to get here and get a job immediately.

I would advise that you research thoroughly before deciding on a move - too many expats that I have spoken to here did not do enough of it. I moved over in October last year and absolutely love it however I am lucky enough that my fiance earns a good enough salary to support us whilst I learn Danish intensively four times a week. Although there are jobs that can require just fluent English these are few and far between. I work in marketing so I am lucky that in some companies I would be able to get by without Danish however in order for me to get the most opportunity it would of course be preferable for me to speak fluent Danish, so I am throwing myself into the language at the moment.

To start with your research I would take a look at the job market. The following sites are good:

Where LinkedIn is concerned I would also join groups relevant to your profession, particularly the groups based in Denmark, and partake in discussions so people know you are good at what you do and that you a professional force to be reckoned with. As expats we may find that we have a little more to contend with - our qualifications may be unfamiliar and of course there is a language barrier. But in no way is it impossible.

In terms of general resource, but also with a great section on working in Denmark, I recommend the Worktrotter website which I recommend to all would be expats who are thinking of coming to DK. There's actually a Q&A session on working in Denmark on Tuesday (on the FB page):

http://www.worktrotter.dk/resources/267 … nmark.html

There are great resources concerning every area with regards to moving over to Denmark and I would thoroughly recommend that you go through this website before moving over.

In terms of the language, it is a difficult one to crack but if you put in the hours and have the right attitude, you'll get there. If you research Denmark and still want to move over then I would recommend that you start looking at the language before you come over. Of course this will not make you fluent but any way to give yourself a head start would be preferable. If I had to give just one piece of advice with regards to the Danish language it would simply be not to give up.

Wishing you all the best.

Just realised I posted similar info on a different thread - check this one out too: https://www.expat.com/forum/viewtopic.p … 50#1066543

Hi Nicola

thanks a lot for providing the general work  sources....

But what will be the average wage level in software or management industry.........

and also if you can give an idea of monthly  expenditure.............

thanks and regards


Hi Pal,

This is a completely alien industry to me so I am unable to give advice. In terms of monthly expenditure this is like asking 'how long is a piece of string' - this completely depends on your buying habits. Food in DK can be pricey however if you shop smart I have found that my food bills stay around the same price as in London, UK. However I must reiterate that this depends on your shopping habits. Eating out regularly will be more expensive than the UK usually BUT it depends on where you go.

I have given you good links above which will enable you to research more about your own personal situation - I would really encourage you to do as much research as possible. Create a Denmark spreadsheet and log ALL your findings on there.

I would recommend that you take advantage of the Q&A session on the Worktrotter website that I posted above.

Best wishes,

Hi everyone , I am indika rom India. Planning to move my base to Denmark . I have 4 years experience in computer data entry, Graphic design (coraldrow, photo shop). I have a diploma in computer.

I can get my immigration and work Denmark,  Denmark has only a minimal ( few ) job opportunities for English speaking professionals and its predominantly a Danish job market , with respect to the language.

Can anyone kindly advice me the job market for only English speaking professionals ( no danish language knowledge) ? pleace join me anyone or eny job.

I,m Indika darshana. I fine some job in denmark. I'm 35, From Sri Lanka. can Ypu help me.

Is Danish very hard to learn for english men?

It depends very much on you.  My English husband found (and often still finds) the pronunciation quite hard, but the grammar fairly simple.  Danish grammar is often quite similar to English or Old English, but it's not at all pronounced how it's spelled, and has vowel and consonant sounds that we don't really use in English.  Most people find it quite difficult to learn unless they also know a similar language (like one of the other Scandinavian languages, or Dutch, or German).

i have no job no mony no food.spain is bad time i am living five year in barcelona.please ser i am change the country.pakistan my family total depand me.please sir sand me information/thanks

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