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Hi my names Jennifer, I currently live in England but would like to relocate to Cairo in summer 2018. I’m 17 and have left school and I didn’t go onto university or collage, I just gained my GCSE’s and left. Working at nursery is something I would love to do, so I was wondering is there any English nursery’s or schools in Cairo that would train you as you work? If anyone has any contacts or ideas for me that would be much appreciated, thanks.

Hi Jennifer. There are a great many schools and nurseries that would love to have a native English speaker. However, I am not at all sure that they would take on someone that needs further training. The other difficulty is work permit. In the 26 years I have lived here (I am also a Brit) I have had very many expat friends who have lived here for long periods on tourist visas that they have had to renew every few months. Most of them have been working, but below the radar. The Egyptian authorities appear to have turned a blind eye to this practise for as long as I have been here - but there are periodic purges and crack downs.

I don't mean to sound condescending, but I wonder whether at the age of 17, you are quite ready for that kind of life....

You will enjoy egypt. Theres lots of schools and nurseries around zamalek and downtown areas. I lived in egypt. Fantastic life defo

Many search at Cairo Maadi :)

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