Raising kids in Austria

Hello everyone,

How is raising kids in Austria different from raising kids in your home country?

What are the activities that your kids seem to enjoy the most in Austria?

Do you feel that the country is "family-friendly"?

Do you recommend Austria as a good place to raise kids? Why or why not?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


My Children were born here but I have observed some very big differences. The culture itself is not child centric so children will be expected to fit into a more adult world, also, although Austrians love their own children they are not really wild about other peoples. Whenever we go to Italy we are amazed by the friendliness. That being said there are distinct advantages of raising children here. It is generally quite safe and children are given a certain amount of freedom and responsibility starting at a fairly young age. They mature faster and are generally more independent and competent young adults. Perhaps the best comparison I can think of would be that childhood here today is not unlike childhood in middle class America in the 50s and 60s. Reading the book 'Bringing up Bebe' (which refers to raising children in France) might be a good tip for American parents moving to Europe for the first time since many of the things in it are pretty standard here too.

Dear Priscilla,
Sorry for responding too late. I am pretty new in Austria (arrived 3 months ago) than I am not sure if I am really competent to compare a way of life in Austria and my home country, but I will try my best. 
I feel that rising kids in Montenegro and Austria is pretty similar. In Austria there is a lot of free activities organized by school. From school authorities we are gaining a lot of information’s as well about activities organized by third parties. In contrary to that in Montenegro those information’s are usually got through friend and relatives.
My kid the most enjoy winter sports in Austria as skiing and ice skating. Parks are beautiful and very family friendly with a lot of facilities for child’s which they can enjoy for free. 
I do not know about other cities in Austria but for Wien I can say that city is very family friendly.
I would strongly recommend Austria as a good place to raise kids. It is a very well organized country with very good educational system. Nature is beautiful as well, country is not big, and I think that quality of life is very good.
I hope that my answer helps and sorry once again for late response.
Kind regards,
Branislav Radulovic

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