90 days report

I had my 1st 90 days report yesterday, I had all the paperwork i thought was required,i  had a problem with the proof of residence as we are not legally married so need to have a tenancy agreement between my partner and I as our house is on her land instead. We did not have this and we would have to return again, so we went to the immigration next door to place my name at my partner's home  (our home).
Luckily for us we explained to the officer in charge about our problem and he then did all the paperwork we required providing us with  the  paperwork to continue and finish our visit without having to return again. So it shows Thai immigration at Korat do help you if they  can
and we thank them for their support saving us time and money.


Congratulations, there are good Thai immigration officers that are kind and helpful.

Just for the fun of it you might have your girl friend write up a lease, just in case another less helpful immigration agent reviews your paperwork. (The TM 30 is a residence whatever that the Thai's keep in their records.)

It might be helpful for you to find a reputable Thai visa service, when you have these questions. Or visit the information desk at immigration. It would be helpful to provide all applicable information. At times you seem to ask a question that could use appropriate legal responses.

Thanks for the info.

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