Visa for the entertainer


my name is Luc, I am a french magician, I would like to perform in thailand, do u have some knowledge about the visa for the performer?


There is no visa for a performer
you can come on a 90 day visa,then extend it here or do a visa run out of conutry cross the boarder
or if you are over 50 you can get a retirement visa
married to a thai you can get a marage visa

Section 2.17 and 2.30 from Rules and Conditions in the Consideration of Alien Applications
for Temporary Stay in the Kingdom of Thailand cover requirements to be legal.

2.17 In the case of a performer in a show, entertainer, vocalist or musician performing at a hotel or engaged by a company in Thailand in the entertainment business with a registered capital of not less than Baht 20 Million, fully paid-up: Permission will be granted for a period of not more than 120 days at a time.
     (1) The alien has obtained a temporary visa (NON-IM); and
     (2) Confirmation of employment given by a hotel or company engaged in the entertainment business in Thailand with a registered capital of not less than Baht 20 Million, full paid-up

2.30 In the case of a performer, a singer, a musician, a conductor or a person who works in entertainment or theatrical, for an occasional performance Permission will be granted not more than 90 days.
      (1) Confirmation and request has been made by concerned
private company.

thanks for that