Work Permit Renewal

Work Permit Renewal
Updated 2014-02-26 08:20

Work Permit renewal must be done prior to the expiration date of the permit term. You could locate this date from the first page of your Work Permit under the Period of the permit validity. For example it looks like 12/04/2557. It means that you have to renew before April 12, 2014. They follow the Buddhist Calendar that is why you have to be careful about the dates too. 

Here are the main requirements in order:

  • Application Form (W.P.5)
  • A copy of Work Permit and the original WP
  • Employment Certificate
  • Passport and one copy of all pages or Certificate of Permanent Residence and Certificate of Alien with a copy.
  • A medical certificate showing that the applicant is not insane or mentally sick, suffer from Leprosy, Tuberculosis, Drug Addiction, Alcoholism, Elephantitus and Tertiary Syphilis (Issued within the last six months). I experienced going to Vejthani Hospital to get this VDRL test and it cost me around 800 Baht last year. I did not check other options but recently I tried getting the same test in Bangyai Hospital a public hospital; it cost me only 250 Baht. If you have an SSO ID or Social Security Office Thailand card, you can claim cash back of around 110 Baht just make sure to show the receipt.
  • Power of Attorney with a Baht duty stamp affixed and a copy of appointee's I.D Card (If someone will do it for you).

The following are supported documents for the employer:


A copy of Thai Company Registration and a copy of recent shareholder's list and this must be updated within six months. Foreign juristic person needs to submit a copy of Business Operation License of such foreigner and document about money import.

A copy of Balance Sheet from last year, VAT Payent; Phor Por 30 ( 3 Months) and a copy of Work Permit holder's Tax payment; Phor Ngor Dor 91 or 90 (last year).

Private school teacher/ Private University

A copy of letter of teacher or instructor assignment and employment contract/Private University has to show the certificate letter from the organization of Ministry of Education.

A copy of teacher license (as Law of The Counsil of Teacher and Educational Person), in case of trainer is exempted.

A copy of the license of the school establishment, manager license, headmaster license/ a copy of the license of the university establishment and a copy of the documents showing the name of the employer who has the right for signing on the behalf of the university.

Government organization

A certificate letter from the government organization/Ministry of Education and school, which shows applicant's name, position and work period.

In case of a government school teacher, a copy of license is needed. Trainers are exempted.

Association /organization/foundation

License of association/organization/foundation establishment including the list of managing director.

If documents are in foreign language other than English it must be translated into Thai and certified by an academic Thai native speaker. All the forms have to be filled in Thai.

All documents must come with a company seal and every page of the documents that belongs to the applicant must be certified by the applicant himself or the appointee. In my case I signed every page presented to me like copies of my passport, Work Permit etc.

I got the list of requirements from our company Human Resource Representative. In case you have more inquiries do check or call 022-45-27-45. You may also get in touch with your liaison officer to check about your work permit renewal process and turnaround time frame. I hope you get your Work Permit soon.

We do our best to provide accurate and up to date information. However, if you have noticed any inaccuracies in this article, please let us know in the comments section below.