Retiring in Thailand

Updated 2011-01-14 11:00

I have lived in Thailand for over a year now, on a variety of visas. This week I applied for and received a Retirement Visa, based on proof of monthly income earned abroad, 65,000 Bhat per month. I should mention that I am 60. I had been on a Non B, visa, the first 90 days set to expire Feb 1, 2010., with Work Permit. My employer did not make deductions for my taxes and social insurance and did not register me with these agencies, preventing me from getting an extension on the Non B. So I left the job and changed the visa.

Here is what you need for retirement visa. Application form, Photo, 1,900 Bhat, copies of all pages of your passport with all visa and entry/exit stamps for Thailand. Rent receipts and possibly a form from your landlord stating where you live. A map of your residence.

Affidavit from your embassy stating that you receive 65,000 bhat per month in pensions or other income, so that you do not need to tie up your money in a bank account here. Or you can show a deposit in a Thai bank for 800.000 Bhat, seasoned for two months before you apply. Or a combination of both, money on deposit and monthly income from abroad., regarless, letter from embassy for immigration, does not need to be translated.

I had to hand in my Work Permit and get a receipt from the labor office to show Immigration, but the actual Work Permit was returned to me.

This was probably a little easier for me as I already had the Non B visa. So now I have a visa valid until February 1, 2012, that I can renew yearly thru the same process. I do not have to leave the country every 90 days.If I want to leave the country I must purchase re-entry permits for 1,000 Bhat each or Multiple for 3,800 Bhat. These must be pruchased in advance of your travel from Immigration, they cannot be transferred from one passport to another if you will be cahnging passports soon, before Multiple re-entries may be used. You still must report your address every 90 days or leave the country before 90 days and your 90 days starts again from the date that you arrive.

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