Thai Elite Visa looking more appealing to me

Hi All;
Like many, I have been researching Long Stay Visa options (post COVID), plus many other things Re: moving to Thailand (from Australia).

Firstly the new Special Tourist Visa looks like a flop - it may improve post COVID, time will tell.

The Thai Elite Visa is looking like a good option – the 5-year Visa for 500k Baht.
This avoids the 800k in Thai Bank requirement for Retirement Visa (this 800k is essentially locked in the Bank the whole time – i.e. you can't withdraw down below the 800k).

ED Visa – Has costs and takes up time to attend classes. Not a bad thing if it's a course you want to learn – although comes with the risk of no Visa Extension each 12m renewal period. ED Costs – approx 40 - 50k per year – (½ of what the Elite Visa will cost). As for learning Thai in a school – not for me, if I struggled to learn, I would be sweating bullets trying to pass the tests.

Elite Visa benefits;
Come and go from Thailand as often as you like.
Walk straight through Immigration every time – nil lines.
Limo to/from airport.
Lots of free golf.
1x Free medical check-up per year.

Medical Insurance – not sure on the requirements here – I would want some form of Insurance regardless, although the ‘official' requirements may be more relaxed?

Have I missed anything, or above info incorrect?


You dont need to keep 800.000 year long on a Retirement-Extension.
I think it is 2 month before, 3 month after, Then the account have to stay over 400.000 the rest of the time.

you cant get a work permit when on Retirement-Extension.

All so one can get a good bank interest on the accounts here in Thailand (compare to many Westen countrys), So it not that bad of a idea to do.

One can all so use a Agent to skip the money in the bank part.

I see that price for Thai Elite Visa go up on 1 January 2021and the 5 years plan going to cost 600.000, So if you want to save 100.000 i think you have to be super fast, As it take a little bit of time to be approved.
But might be hard right now, Because what going on !!!

There being talk about allow people on Thai Elite Visa to get a work permit, But i dont know if or when it get approved, Or they might skip it again !!

I only bring this up because of you other post, As for all work in Thailand you need a work permit, All so for online work, People working online here, Often do it under the radar.

But remember If you on the Thai Elite Visa and get caught working illegal and go to court and received a guilty verdict, Then you Thai Elite Visa get cancel all so, As it say on the papir you sign, That it is a breach of contract.

If i know i want to stay in Thailand Long time, And want to go the Thai Elite Visa way, I pick the 20 years plan.
As one get more in the long run, But that me, I know i want to stay here to the day i die....

Hope  you find what you looking for.


According to a source from Thai Consulate-General in Hong Kong, the retirement visa requires the visa applicant/holder submits financial statement of cash deposit of not less than 800,000 Baht or a monthly income of 65,000 Baht from a Thai bank statement. What you can do is to remit 65,000 baht to your Thai bank account each month, which is about USD2,150 at current rate. You need to spend the money in Thailand anyway, for your rent and other daily expenses. So there is no need to lock in 800,000 Baht for once.

Of course you need to update with your local Thai diplomatic representative on any new and applicable rules regarding long term visa.

Take care.


Having looked deeper, as I have just turned 50, the 5-year Retirement Visa is way better for me, $600 AUD vs $23,000 AUD.
For someone say 30-yo, yes the Elite Visa would be better.
Some thinks I mentioned above like golf and medical are not included in he 5-year Elite.
As for the 10 or 20-year, wanting to live there forever - for me I would need to live in Thailand for 2 or more years before paying up for that long.

You need to find a good and efficient lawyer over there to help you. Your country's Embassy/Consulate in Thailand may be able to recommend a few English speaking Thai lawyers to you.

Or you may wish to contact ANZ Bank in Thailand, if you happen to have an account with ANZ in Australia.

Good Luck.

No Paul, you have not missed anything. However to be sure,may I recommend contacting a migration lawyer in Thailand before you start. If you so decide, then I can give you some advice...Bill

Yeah Twofogs100 but you would still need 800k (A$36k) for the retirement visa

Again I am following the herd. Petermok et al have said it all. I confirm