Hi everyone,
I have a retirement visa,if I  travel anywhere within Thailand do i need to have a re entry permit. Stupid question I know just want to be sure.


You can travel anywhere within thailand for the valid duration of the visa.

If you are traveling you have to remind yourself of the TM 30, residence reporting. This includes traveling within the country. If you stay at a commercial place for more then one or two days and use your passport as ID then you must report to immigration within 24 hours or one business day to update your residence. In Chiang Mai they enforce that. If you do not do so they will fine you 1,600 baht. But you are free to travel.

When you’re traveling it is the hotel’s responsibility to report who is staying with them not yours.

Once again there is a misnomer. When you return to your residence it is your responsibility to update your TM 30. During your stay outside of your home it is the hotel's responsibility to report the TM 30. When you return to your home your landlord is supposed to report the TM 30. Not all landlords do. And of course the Thai landlord is not going to pay the 1,600 baht fine, the Farang is going to get stuck with paying the fine, right or wrong.

Hey guys...
Just want to make sure I understand... I lease condo in Bangkok long-term.  I'm sure the Leasing agent has reported me properly...

When I take trips inside Thailand and stay in hotel, the hotel reports my stay, right?  When I return home to my condo after the trip, does anything need to happen???  My Leasing company doesn't know when I'm gone.

When I take trips outside of Thailand which I do every 3 mths, does anything need to happen??? Again, my Leasing company doesn't know when I'm gone.

Also, I was never given a TM 30 form or TM 30 receipt from either the Leasing company or immigration and was never asked about it when I did my 90-day reporting or retirement visa renewal.

Thanks, Will

When returning to Thailand from a trip out-of-country, shouldn't the TM6 arrival card be enough for reporting my place of residence?  I shouldn't have to go back to immigration until the 90-day reporting, right?

Just let me know... see previous questions in previous post also... Thanks, Will

The TM 6 is fine.

When traveling to any destination in Thailand the hotel or such reports your stay, with your passport number. When you return to your residence the landlord is supposed to report your residence. I live in a house and the owner does not report my return, even though he is required to. The fine is also supposed to be the responsibility of the landlord, but from what I understand the landlords don't pay it and make it the Frang's bill. If you stay in an up and up place then they probably take care of it. The mention of the TM 30 was meant to be a warning. Chiang Mai is very strict, and yet other parts of the country are lax. On October 30th I returned to Chiang Mai I returned to immigration and there must have been at least 200 people filing their TM 30 because it's annoying paying for an unnecessary fine. Typically the issue comes up when you do your 90 day run and they present you with the situation. Immigration says that the owners is supposed to pay but if want the report completed you pay the fine.

I have a little receipt neatly folded and stapled into my passport which was filled out by my wife three or four years ago (year 57 on the Thai calendar I think) and our local immigration office seems quite happy with that.  They don’t even bother to unfold it to see what it says.  Before that year they had never asked for that form.  They seem intelligent enough to understand that I have lived in the same place for the last ten years and that is my home.  Even with the 90 report all they do is scan the barcode and print out a new receipt.

AS I said Chiang Mai is hot to trot on TM 30, even for people who live in places for 15 - 20 years.

So if i don't need a re entry permit  and fly from Bangkok to phuket for 2 days on a beach do they keep my departure card or not
do i need a new tm6 on my return?

After all i am traveling within Thailand so they shouldn't keep my original tm6.If i travel by bus or train i don't have a problem?

Traveling in country is no problem. A reentry permit is for when you are leaving the country (or if you have a single entry visa when leaving the country.) (Your passport should show single vs multi entry.). If you are staying in some kind of commercial residence such as a condo then management is supposed to take care if the TM 30 upon your return. You might ask the manager, if you like.

I rent a house and I have to guarantee the TM 30 status. Once you get pass the line it's just a computer entry. I also live in Chiang Mai which seems to be very strict.

Traveling in country is not as complicated as some may think.

Thanks bill
Really understand about the re entry permit now,it's  about whether they keep my tm6 card at the  airport when I am only travelling in Thailand  (phuket)

They do not touch your tm6 card and your  passport is only used for identification purposes  when checking the name on the ticket.

Thanks for the info, that's what I wanted to know.



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