Real meetup with Puglia expats? Any thoughts?

Ciao a tutti!
My name is Yurie, and I live in Andria city. I'm Japanese origin but lived in Australia for years.
Considering I was grown up in very international cities/countries, I kinda miss the atmosphere of multi-lingual communities. 
And I am wondering if anyone feels the same, or little bit home sick about your country, or any Italians who would like to learn different cultures and languages and vice versa.

Little bit about myself: I graduated from Language and culture in Japan. After the graduation, I moved to Australia as I always loved(and still do) that country. I worked for awhile as a translator and interpreter, studied hospitality management, then I was headhunted by a famous restaurant in Melbourne for their new locations.
During my time in Australia, I have met my current Italian partner. We travelled and lived in South East Asia then moved to Puglia for a life change. Currently I'm a freelance travel designer/planner who love to travel a lot ;)
I speak English, Japanese, Italian (some 'diaretto pugliese too), some Chinese and Indonesian.

So, where are you from? Are you an expat here in Puglia or travelling around? Thinking about moving here? Or simply anyone up for a coffee? :)


I am Zara originally an Iranian but lived in the UK for nearly 30years. My husband and I moved to Puglia a couple of months ago as we always liked to do this. I am pharmacist but for physical difficulties i retired early . I love photography and travel. Therefore i have combined these two and work very much on travel photography. I have been to many countries and learnet about different cultures. I agree with your suggestion about getting together. We can start with a coffee or something stronger and the others msy want to join us.
Kind regards

Hi Zara,

Thank you for your response! Nice to meet you.
I wasn't expected any responses here in Puglia forum. I know there are many expats around Alberobello but not where I live.

Anyway, I will send you PM :)


Where do you live. I leave near Ostuni

Hi Zara,

I live other side of Puglia, Andria city. But I visit Ostuni and Cisternino quite often :)


Hi yurie, I saw your post so decided to sign in to this group. My name is Anne and I am Irish currently living in Dublin. I will be living just outside Ostuni from February and would like to meet up. I have been to puglia twice now and it is so beautiful but as I know no people there it would be nice to meet some interesting people. Looking forward to meeting you. Anne

Hi Zara, I saw your post. I will be living just outside Ostuni from February and currently I know nobody (that will change I hope) . I'd like to meet up if you're free and see how the other half lives.

My name is Veronica.
I am Irish, and moved to Puglia one year ago.
I live cose to Fasano in the village of Selva di Fasano.
Would like to connect with other expats to share ideata etc.


My name is Gabriela and I am from Bulgaria. I currently live in Bitonto, but I am having a hard time meeting any other foreigners. If anyone is interested in meeting for coffee, it would be great.

Ciao I'm Elisa from Australiaand living in a trullo near Locorotondo and ‘rating FrancaI understand what you mean and maybe we can meet soon..I have never been to Andria ..So you could be my guide?  let me know if you'd like to connect 🤗

Hi Guys!

Happy New Year!

Anyone here from the Barletta-Andria-Trani or Bari area?

I'm British and moved to Puglia last year. I haven't had much luck finding any English speaking friends as of yet and I'm hoping to connect with some fellow expats on here 😀

I'm in Bisceglie! I would love to connect with other English speakers!  :)

Hi how are you I like to English talk people

What's your home language? Are you in Bari? I'm about 1/2 hour outside of Bari, but I'm there a couple of times per week.

Hi yurie,
My names Melissa and I've just moved to the Ostuni area. Always up for a coffee or wine. Always nice to speak my native language of English 😊

Hey everyone,
Lovely to see so many expats looking to make friends. I too don't speak the language yet but would love to meet fellow English speakers as I now live here full time 😊 I live between Ostuni and cisiternino. I'm married and looking to meet other couples or other girlie's for much needed girlie time from time to time. Hope all of you are well otherwise


We're planning a move to Puglia and I'm always curious to see how people feel after being there for a couple of years. Are you still there, and do you still like/love it?

Hello, my Name is Anja (39) and i am from Berlin/Germany and not yet an expat in Italy. But i am planning to go to Bari or Rome .

From 07th September i will be in Bari for at least a month.... and i will explore Puliga again... like Ostuni, Cisternino, Lecce etc. :-)

I would love to meet you people.
I create here a meet up event, but it got deleted because the despription was too short. :-P

I am open for other places and to meet other expats. I would like to hear your experiences as expat, want to create an network and maybe job opportunities.

Lets get in touch. :-)


Could we make a meet up in Bari or other place? I think about Thursday, 10th september.... but i am open for other dates. :-)

Any ex-pats from the US on this thread? If so, I have a number of questions.

DrDuane wrote:

Any ex-pats from the US on this thread? If so, I have a number of questions.

Why don't you start a topic off with your questions?

Ciao, I am finally on expat. Have you found any help/support? I am in Bari and always happy to interact and learn about new cultures.

Dear, if you are in Bari and need some help please let me know! Guten tag

hi! I live in Giovinazzo.. also looking for girls to hang out with!

Cdj wrote:

What's your home language? Are you in Bari? I'm about 1/2 hour outside of Bari, but I'm there a couple of times per week.

Hi Cindy! I live in Giovinazzo.. from London! Would be great to meet up sometime

I have been back in the states during Covid but hope to get back to Italy in January. I'll touch base then.

Hi I'm Brian from California. Coming to Bari September 1 - I am considering to live in Puglia for retirement.  I would welcome the opportunity to meet and speak (inglese per favore - I do not speak Italian…yet) with any English-speakers who are living in Puglia and hear about their experiences.  Grazie mille!

@Cdj Hi Cindy, how are you? Are you currently in Italy? I am Italian, living very close to Bari. I travelled a lot and miss having international friends that's why I decided to join here. If you are still in Italy it would be nice to meet up :-)

@JaiJai24 Hi! I live very close to Bari. Do you still live in Puglia? I am not an expat, I am Italian but if you don't mind it would be cool to connect🙂