Any English in Bari?

Heya, My Name is Nico,
been in italy for abit now, moved in bari and staying with some family members, since i moved here ive beed terribly BORED as for the fact that i dont know anyone!!! ahahahah and im more of a outgoing person... so you could imagine the pain @_@   
I was wondering if there were english people around the area, seeing that my italian isnt too bad but not the best... but yeah hahaah thats my story

It is the only place I have been that there is very few people speaking English!  Quite difficult ein! Bari is a nice city, do visit Torre A Mare

Hi Nico,
welcome in italy, you are alone! There are italian that would like speak with perfect english :-)
I'm not expat and I'm Italian.
I live in Torre a Mare and I'm looking for some english friends. I would like improve my english (so I can expat :-) ) and I can teach italian in exchange but without book just with conversation. If you want we can exchange email in order to organize a meet.

Giuseppe P.


io parlo italiano... cioe abbastanza bene :P

if you want we could defenately meet up!!

need to meet up some new friends!

and im a night life kinda person!!

add me on facebook Nico DeBari Windobsession (Nicolantonio DeBari)

i have family and everything here, im even italian, but ive been abroad most of my life!


cheers!|!! :P

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