Looking for Studio on rent in Marseille


I am Saketh from India will be moving to Marseille,france with in 2 weeks on job offer (software engineer) with CMA CGM. Could someone help me with a way to find studio accommodation.
I am looking at around 400€ of rent.
Also kindly suggest good and safe areas to live in Marseille.

Hi Saketh,

Welcome to Expat.com

I suggest you to drop an advert under the appropriate section of the website :
- Housing in Marseille

Thank you


Hi Saketh,
Have you traveled or still waiting. I am also going to Marseille . We can share studio apartment.


Hi Saketh
If you can't find nothing in Expat like myself 😂
I recommend you use booking.com
The filter has free cancellation
and pay at destination.
(I've always used this site)

Take care

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