Buying a House in France After Brexit

Hi everyone!  I've read all of the forum information about visas, etc but wanted to ask people about how it has worked out in practice.

I'm just about to offer on a house in France (Normandy).  The plan is to move there permanently in a year or so and this, of course, will require a visa beyond the 3 months currently on offer to British citizens (not a Scottish citizen although the forum choices seems to think there is such a thing!).  After 5 years, will I have to apply for citizenship and will I have to speak fluent French?  My French at the moment is rather basic.

I have to say that even if I was refused a visa, I would still buy this house if just for a holiday home, but I'd rather move permanently to France.

How easy is it to get one in practice and renew it each year?  I don't want to work in France, meet the required income to support myself easily and will be a homeowner.  Am already somewhat involved in the local community where I am buying,

Thank you in advance!
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Please feel free to explore the Living in France guide as well as the forum to find relevant answers about living and buying property in France.


Djameel Team
Hello what is the news regarding your search for a house to buy cordially Rodolphe