Relocating from Charente Maritime to Beziers

Hi eveveryone

We are in the process of selling our house in Charente Maritime to move to Beziers / Narbonne

We have a short time to research areas so we are looking for lots of information on the best areas for day to day living in these two places,   especially Beziers as this will be our final move and a fulltime home.

We have lived in France for two years but unfortunately never visited this area.

There is a lot of info online about them both but no guidelines for best and worse areas to buy property.  We are just looking for a small apartment near to 'life'...

Many thanks and we look forward to hearing from you, Ann & Les Ford

We moved to Beziers about 18 months ago.  Our only regret is that we didn't do it sooner.  Beziers is small enough but has everything you need.  There seems to be something going on all of the time so you can stay as busy as you want.

I live near Beziers at Nissan lez Enserune.  I am selling my house there and buying another in Beziers.  I have looked at a number of options.  I have lived in the area many years and know Beziers well.  I am also knowledgeable about the house buying process and also about French bureaucracy.  I would be happy to help you.  You can email me at ***  Chris Ward

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Thank you so much for your reply.

We are hopefully coming to Beziers in February to take a look.

As you are living there are there areas  you would either recommend or not recommend for buying a small apartment

Any thoughts or information would be very helpful

Thanks again and have a happy Christmas

Ann & Les Ford


Hi Chris, thank you for your reply and the offer of help

As we have lived in the Charente Maritime for 20 years the only help we need with relocating is information regarding good and bad areas in Beziers to buy a small apartment.

As it will be our last and final move we can't afford to make a mistake in location.....if there are any areas you think would be good or ones that you think we should give a miss  we would be very grateful for some 'insider' knowledge.

Thanks again and have a great Christmas

Ann & Les Ford


@bresdon17 - We are finishing the purchase of our new apartment in Beziers today! The city is alive with activity and rejuvenation. We already have several English-speaking friends there.  Everyone is very excited about the mayor who is doing a great deal to improve the city. Prices are still low for property, but I anticipate them going up. Please let's keep in touch. My email is



Hi Lisa, really excited for you and hope we too can find somewhere there once we sell.

I have been asking the forum for some info regarding good and not so good areas in Beziers to buy a small apartment. This will be our final move and can't afford to get it wrong.  Any suggestions !  Where have you bought ?


We have chosen to live just a wee bit outside the best part of town. Near the police station and the Sous Prefecture. The town center is definitely the "good" area, but also very tourist and much more expensive. There are a number of real estate agents in the area too. Also, we hired a lawyer who has been exceptional in navigating the process, but you may not need her because you've already gone through the buying process. One of our new friends lives in what she calls a "hobbit" apartment about five blocks from us, so small is available around our neighborhood as well. Really I like being out of town center - not missing anything but the prices and the tourists! Five minutes walk to get there. Please email me. I would love to keep in touch.


Also, Virginia is one of our friends here :-) She's the BEST!


Hi Lisa  thank you so much for the info - that was really helpful.

I'm not sure how l can keep intouch via my own email  l think it I'd blocked on her.  However, perhaps once we have a fixed date for coming g down we could meet up for a drink or coffee.

Thank you again and have a really lovely Christmas

Warm wishes, Ann & Les 🎅🍷🌲🥂☃️


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Thank you for the information