Accommodation in Lyon

Accommodation in Lyon
Updated 2019-08-14 15:07

Lyon is a dynamic national and European economic hub. It provides a huge employment pool, especially in terms of jobs in scientific and technological innovation. It is particularly well-suited to expats moving to the city with children thanks to the wide range of schools available. Located between Northern and Southern Europe, Lyon offers privileged access to neighbouring countries such as Spain and Italy. Another bonus? The cost of living is lower in Lyon than in Paris.

The rental market in Lyon

Given the large number of students in the city, most small housing units such as studios and single-bedroom apartments are rented by students. However, these can be a good deal if you are moving to Lyon alone, and it is, therefore, a good strategy to orient your search towards student accommodations. Budget an average of 500 euros per month for a 24 m² studio or around 400 euros per month for a 15 m² single bedroom apartment. A larger, 45 m² apartment, will cost an average of 700 euros per month. Although scarce, houses are available and will cost on average around 1400 euros per month to rent.

Lyon's neighbourhoods

Lyon is divided into nine districts, namely:

  • Presqu'Ile (1st and 2nd districts)

  • Confluence (2nd district.)

  • La Préfecture (3rd district)

  • La Part Dieu (3rd district)

  • Montchat (3rd district)

  • La Croix Rousse (4th district)

  • Le Vieux Lyon (5th district)

  • Saint Just, Saint Irénée, Point du Jour (5th district)

  • Les Brotteaux (6th district)

  • Gerland (7th district)

  • La Guillotière (7th district)

  • Vaise and Gorges de Loup (9th district)

Other areas slightly outside the centre you may wish to consider are:

  • Villeurbanne

  • Caluire-et-Cuire

  • Tassin and Ãcully

  • Sainte Foy and Francheville

  • Saint Cyr and Saint Didier

The city-centre is very urbanised, but if you are looking for accommodation in a more rural setting, the outskirts of Lyon have maintained their traditional looks. Each of these neighbourhoods has its own identity and atmosphere and constitute an excellent option, particularly if you have a car or if you work in the suburbs of the city.

Finding accommodation in Lyon

Your hunt for housing in Lyon can start right from the comfort of your couch, since Lyon has a vibrant market and many of the rental properties find their way online. Online listings will also give you an idea of the types of accommodation you can afford in the city and beyond. However, for expatriates, it might be worthwhile to hire a real estate agent, especially if you do not speak fluent French. In this case, you will often have to pay half of the fees beforehand and the rest once you have found suitable accommodation.

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