New French Property Declaration Form


As I'm sure most people know, home owners in France now have to fill out a property declaration online and it's supposed to be submitted by the end of this month (June 2023).  I'm told that as it is a new form and new requirement, no fines will be levied for late filing this year.

However, we would love to submit our form online right now except we can't because we do not have a tax number, a numéro fiscal, which apparently is a required field on the form.  My wife and I only moved to France last year and so, we have only just submitted our first paper tax return in the last couple of weeks.  I'm told we will have to wait for our bill to arrive in September in order to discover what our tax number is.

That means we will not be able to get our property declaration submitted on time.

Apart from waiting till September, does anyone have any ideas for how we can get round this problem?

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Prob not a problem if your waiting on THEM to provide you with a number. They'll wait. Seems a common problem here, waiting on one dept to give you a number so you can submit an application to another dept.

I am in the same boat. I don't have a tax number either so I can not declare my home/residence.

Apparently, you can ask them to set up a tax number for you but if you already filed taxes maybe you should just wait for your number rather than having two. I tried all of these links. … ment-creer

If you've bought a house you will already have a numero fiscal. You can find out what it is by contacting your local finance office - probably the same place you submitted your tax return if you had to do a paper version. You should be able to find the contact details of your office on the impots website.

You will be asked to provide proof / a copy of your proof of ID eg passport. We contacted our office by email and didn't have to attend in person. They were very helpful.

With it being tax season, it might take them a bit longer to get back to you.