Buying renovation project

Hi all, we are looking at buying a renovation project and would like any advice to help us move forward. Also, is there any time limits on renovations ( does it need to be completed or even started in a certain time period for example?)

Thanks in advance

We bought a complete ruin in the Auvergne which took 14 years to fully complete and enjoy.Always make sure you go see the mayor and ask if there is any monuments or religious sites near your intended home,50 meters is the min can have near your renovation project Top tip Find out before you buy if there is any right of ways near the property,the french will stand their ground if you try to stop any use of these .Farmers,motor cyclists etc .A brick depot is top priority,You must buy a trailer as the don't deliver or if they do they will charge you.Good Luck

@Richardlane hi how are you how many help you.

@Richardlane A redesign project is the method involved with reestablishing or working on a structure, construction, or space. It includes making changes or updates to the current plan, design, or usefulness of the property. Redesign tasks can go from limited scope refreshes like repainting walls or supplanting deck to bigger scope remodels like rebuilding kitchens or restrooms, adding new rooms or expansions, or totally changing a space to suit a particular reason or style.

The means engaged with a redesign project commonly incorporate preparation and configuration, securing fundamental licenses and endorsements, planning and supporting, recruiting workers for hire or merchants, destruction or expulsion of existing designs or materials, development or establishment of new components, and last little details like canvas, finishing, and outfitting. Remodel ventures can be attempted by mortgage holders, organizations, or property engineers determined to upgrade the property's usefulness, style, and worth.

Normal purposes behind endeavor a remodel project incorporate modernizing obsolete plans, further developing energy proficiency, integrating new innovations, fixing or supplanting broken down or harmed parts, adjusting to changing requirements or way of life inclinations, expanding space or capacity limit, and upgrading the general allure or attractiveness of the property. Redesign projects require cautious preparation, coordination, and tender loving care to guarantee fruitful results and limit interruptions to day to day existence or business activities.