looking for a job in london

Hi, I'm Jalal from India.
Completed higher secondary education.
11 years Experienced in retail sales field.

Currently Working as a salesman cum cashier in Bershka-(inditex group) in saudi arabia
Now in saudi we have a threat for our job due to saudisation project. The kingdom started the process few weeks before and Some of my batch mates are terminated from their job due to this. They want to replace all sales jobs with their citizens and terminate the expats.
  I may lose my job anytime.
So, now I'm looking for a promising job in London.
Ready to work in any field. Any job.

I need guidance to get a job in London.
Seeking your help.

Thank you.

Hi Jalal,

Welcome to Expat.com

Feel free to have a look at this article, you'll find some useful information : Work in London

You can create your cv under the Jobs in London section of the website to gain more exposure.

Good luck


Thank you_ Christopher.  :thanks:

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