Starting a new life in London....Possibly.

Good evening everyone my name is Karl. I am currently living in the USA but am considering moving to England. I studied Business Management and Marketing at University. I have a EU(German) citizenship so I do not think I need a work permit. I have some connections in London but my question is how difficult/easy would it be to get a job in Business in London?

Thanks in advance

-Karl helped me a lot too ;)

Thank you registered on both places. :)

I think I hit a snag in my plans. My German passport is expired. It takes about 6-7 weeks to get renewed. I was thinking about going to London on my US passport and then getting everything sorted out at the German Embassy in London once I am there.....Would it be safe to assume I could find an "off the books" type of job in London while I get everything sorted.

No, it would not be safe to assume this. What a daft idea. Employers are subject to major fines for employing illegal workers and you run a major risk of being banned from the UK for 10 years if caught. 

Not to mention that you will probably have trouble entering the UK on your US passport since you will have to say you are entering as a visitor and show proof that you plan to return to the US (which you wont have if you plan to move to the UK). 

Just wait the 6-7 to get your German passport.