Internship in Corporate Finance LONDON


I am a french student of a French Business School and I am looking for a 6-month internship in Corporate Finance starting in February 2011.

I have lived in NYC, Bejing and I am actually in Brazil. I am fluent in french, english and portuguese and also speak spanish.

I am in a Corporate Finance Master in Science so I really need to find something interesting, I have already a work experience in Accountancy.

I am very motivated, if you have any ideas, good plans:I am interesting!!!

thanks for your help!

You might want to try this site, I found a jod through this site.
[no free ads in your very fist message] ,pay to access thier database and you will have the world in your hand in regards to jobs and internships through the sites that they provide. could help ;)

Pense a taper internship in london sur Internet et tu verras des organismes specialisés dans le placement en stage apparaitre. A toi de voir si cela correspond a ta recherche!

Hi eglantine 33, :) Thank you for your contribution in this discussion.

ps : Could you please write in English in the anglophone forum so that other members understand.

Thank you very much

I wanted to know if you found the internship you were looking for? If yes, which site or agency did you use? I just came in London and I would like to find or an INTERNSHIP IN AUDIT either a financial position in a company :P
Looking forward to hear from you,

Have the opportunity to learn together

Hi! As you speak several languages and have already been in English speaking countries it might no be so difficult for you to find an internship in London. I did a finance internship as well in London. I had it with a student organisation: I wish you a very good luck and stay in London!!