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Hi Guys - so I'm from Malta and looking to move to London to work. I haven't moved yet but can bunk at friends so the "living in London to find a job issue" is null and void - flights are cheap so I can easily fly up for interviews.

I'm looking at my career in Marketing (brand management) but would consider a Business Development (at an agency) job as a filler. Any suggestions, recommendations about how I should go about it.


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Have you already browsed through the different articles regarding the labour market and the legal framework in England? This guide will surely provide you with some useful information regarding your query.

You can also have a look at the section jobs in London and post your CV in the sector which suits you the best.

Why did you chose the city of London by the way?

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Hi well as you have an EU passport you can simply turn up and look for work. But marketing is a popular job! London is the best place to find work, but also super expensive to live (but that works in favour of young single people from abroad actually).

You might as well have a go, "he who dares"

Hi Mark,
In case you are still searching for a position, you can have a look at this website:
If you search for full-time positions in marketing, you can find a lot.
Now I don't know if they are all good and attractive, but it's worth having a look at it.

hi, try to be flexible with your approach, if your too rigid in terms of what jobs your looking for and the specific job title, you will seldom get it! try to start somewhere and work your way up, you cant be too picky because there are so many people who competing for the same job!! goodluck!

I worked at a restaurant in London Wahaca and they were always looking for people to join there marketing team, normally you just send through a CV

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Finding a job in other city is not a simple task. you have to search jobs online and take help from references.  During this, you do part time job with online tutoring sites to spend a life. Part time jobs will provide you great help whenever you go for marketing job search.

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