How long did you spend to find your Job in London ???

Hello every "expat"

This is a question to all of you already living in London :
In order to prepare myself and have some ideas of your experience
could you share your experience ??

How long did you wait before a recruiter gave you a job!?

In restaurant/bars ?
In shops (vendors)?
In marketing or "recent graduate" jobs for those who already speaks english ???

Did you lowered your salary expectation regarding the salary you could pretend in France or your country ????


I m leaving in London for a while now.

if a can help for job, rooms or flat...
just leave me an email :

And tell me what you are looking for.

Don't forget you CV if you're looking for a job.


I live in Aisa at present. I'm honest to find a job in UK.
It would be great in hospitality industry. I used to work in a 5-star busy hotel in downtown of Hochiminh city.

Let's say: job in a bar, restaurant, hotel, or housekeeper, nany,..

Please drop me some great news one this.

Hello I found a job already.
but I am still looking for a permanent position in large company's european headquarters

I'm a native English speaker with British nationality and a BA and it took me about a month when I first moved to the UK to find a job I would enjoy. I worked at first as a marketing executive/promotional writer in a gallery. I didn't know what to expect in terms of salary as it was my first job in the UK and first job out of uni. I didn't find it through a recuitment agency though. I ended up finding it on gumtree by posting my own ad that I was looking for work. Worked for me, but there are better ways like some of the sites people mentioned here. Try Guardian jobs as well.

I found my current job that way as well. I was also surprised that it worked, but I'm not complaining!

I am a romanian student, i am coming soon in London, and i need a job, any kind: Restaurant, Bar, Hotel, Cleaning, Housekeeping, Building, Gardening, Farming. Pls contact me:

I am a senegalese people i am looking for an english for coresponding, i am coming soon in London, and i need a job there , any kind of job like Restaurant, Bar, Hotel, Cleaning, Housekeeping, Building, Gardening, Farming. Pls contact me:

I'm french and i am coming soon in London.
My english is very bad, it's the reason to my travel.
But I search a job in Restaurant, Bar, Hotel, Cleaning,...
please Contact me :

i get told its not too hard to find work in London by some and others take such a long time to find anything

If you are a professional, i think you will find work relatively easily. Yea, you need to be on the lookout in many different shapes or forms to get what you want. Everyone wants to go there for lifestyle, so competition is always going to be on the high side

You can also search for jobs in uk on bigdaw a global job search site

Thanks guys !
I found a job exactly in my field, better paid than in France with further responsabilities. Coulnd't be more happy !!

Hang up guys if you know what you're looking for, fight for it !! You'll get it !
& Don't spend all your money in nights out (I know it's hard to do that in London) !!

Wow @cafedereves, well done for being so pro active and posting yourself on Gumtree!

One thing i can say is; look into LinkedIn when you're still in your native country. It's a great way of getting the ball rolling and putting yourself in the game. Look for groups around your area of interest and in the London area.

Have a look at this article for tips on LinkedIn, … earch.html

Good luck to everyone looking for jobs! Hope you did/will find work in the UK. :)


It took me about 4 weeks of actively searching to find a job when  I first moved to London, then about 5 weeks to find my second job.

I think it depends on what industry you are looking into. I don't work in bars/hospitality but it seems like there are a lot of positions in the field.

My advice is to not be discouraged and keep trying! I just put up a couple pages on my blog about my own experience job hunting in London if you want to have a look.

Good luck everyone! :)

thanks to all this is great info

Spent quite a bit of time looking for my first job in London but ended up getting one through word of mouth. Don't underestimate that. You'll be surprised that most jobs are taken before thy can be posted on job sites. Go on and tell everyone you know that you're looking for a job!