Anyone to help me or suggest a way to find a job in London?


I studided masters in chemistry and have just graduated. I'm currently in Turkey and really would like to move to England and work there..

I know the conditions of the each work permit visas of UK. For me, the only option is to find a company that can send a job offer letter to me, then i can get the visa easier.

So is there anyone having any advice for finding jobs in England, especially in London?

This is a good place to find science based jobs in the UK

Hello "Filiz"im,

You can also try to browse through the England Expat Guide>work section; it contains many useful articles which can help you!


Thanks for the replies guys..

I sent my CV to some companies via job hunting sites. But they generally ignored me coz im not eligible to work and live in the UK at the moment..

Do you have any idea about the recruitment agencies in UK if they look for a job for someone who is from abroad like me? Is it possible?

Well, I guess it's just easier for companies to recruit people who are already in the UK ...

so no chance for me? :(

ok then...

it might be easier to find an internship in UK? any idea?

hello everybody,
i'm 39. i've been teaching english for 17 years now. i speak french and arabic so fluently. i'm also taking some spanish you think i'll be able to find a decent job in england? please answer me.

Welcome on board mehdi0472 :)

I will suggest you to browse through the articles on the Work in England guide page. It contains many useful resources which will surely guide you in your career search.

Let me seize this opportunity to wish you good luck in your career.


Under the current immigration Laws , non Europeans are not allowed to work in the UK. This Law may change but we  dont know when.

a good place to find jobs in the website called or i dont remember