Want to live and work in London

I dream of living in and working in London, I have my MA in school counseling and I would love to work in a university setting in London- would like to find a job working for a univerisity with a job that provided housing as part of job.
Any suggestions where to start-thanks Sarah

Hello Sarah & welcome to Expat.com!

You should post an advert in the London classifieds > Jobs section/ teaching.

I hope that other members will help you too.


Sorry to say no university will give you accommodation with your job. Uni Admin or lecturing in UK is mostly low paid work with no real job security especially now with massive government cutbacks (UK universities are mostly state funded) and large scale redundancies. I wouldn't recommend it especially in London with sky high living costs.

Also you would need experience not just an MA, and if you mean counselling of schools regarding admission what do you know of the UK curriculum? There are jobs in that, but Brits would first in the q for that. If you have extensive contacts in the USA and can sell unis here to Americans then you might have an edge to attract a uni.