How much money should I prepare to visit and find work in london?

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this is grace an of Kuwait. Im planning after I finished my contract here to work in London.

1. How much money should I prepare?
2. Which site can best help me  to look for  a real and legal job in UK?? (due to a lot of scammers found everywhere using
     london as their base of interest)
3. Which country has most needing workers.

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Hello diarynigracia,

I will suggest you to browse the Work in England guide page for useful information & recommended website links! This might help you as well.


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hello visit the website of their official Immigration, you can find the requirements of visa application. That depends on what immigration application you are planning to lodge.

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It mostly depend where do you want to live, if you are married with children or not.

Let's assume you would like to live in London.

The majority of your expenses will be the rent, which in most circumstances need to be paid 6 months upfront, therefore £900 a month x 7 for a good property in zone 3/4.

Then utility bills and council tax, add another £200 a month probably.

All the rest depends on how much you eat out and go out and about during the week end.

If you share and get just one room somewhere, of course the expenses are a lot less.

Hi diarynigracia,

I saw that you were looking for a legal job, do you mean as a barrister or solicitor?

Could me someone say about some good language schools in London?

maître d wrote:

Hi diarynigracia,

I saw that you were looking for a legal job, do you mean as a barrister or solicitor?

hello maitre d,

I mean of legal job as a  decent job, I am an admin offficer here in Kuwait and looking for a same line of work in London.

And Barrister or solicitor is right work for high court in England, you are correct then to term it also as a part of Legal's Job.

Thanks for commenting.