American Social Worker Able to find work in England?

Hi I am a American mental health social worker that lives in California and is interested in moving to London. I have researched and seen that some American social workers have been lucky to find jobs and move to England. I wanted to know if there any Expat American social workers that have moved to london and can share their experience? Or any English social workers who can provide me with some information on what they may know about how I can find jobs in England in the field of social work as a American social worker

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The UK operates a Shortage Occupation list when it comes to granting work permits to non-EU citizens; I just checked it and found that "social worker working in children’s and family services" is one of those on the list.  So, yes, you can get a work visa; so now you need to find a job with an organisation that will sponsor your application.  The UK Gov website has the information about the process you need to go through, this link will take you there.

There are a lot of jobs available for social workers; this link will take you to a Google search I just did for social workers.

Having thought about it, it may be useful to go through an agency; it shouldn't cost you anything because the person looking for the employee pays.  If you go through that link I gave, you'll see that the salaries vary greatly; if London is your chosen destination, then it's mouth-wateringly expensive to live and work there, so you'll need the appropriate salary to do this.  The Numbeo website contains information about the cost of living in many places around the world; this link will take you to the information for London.  It's a great place to be, but it's no fun living in a one-room flat in Croydon and having no money to do anything once all the bills are paid.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

Thank you so much for this information. Would you by chance know of any agencies that can help me so far I have reached out to one called HCL Workforce Solutions, but they informed me that they currently don't have any Tier 2 visa social work jobs? I also am very interested in living in Amsterdam I tried researching seeing if American social workers have moved there but have not found anything. Would you possibly know if thats a possibility for me as well as I am still trying to research information?

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