Moving to Brussels - Advice on Accommodation needed

Hello to all expats,

I am moving to Brussels with my wife from the start of November and currently looking for accommodation.  We have no children at the moment, but looking for a place to live that is clean but not so isolated from the city center.

As i will be working in Brussels 1000 district, i am a bit confused on where should i find an apartment. The last 2 years i was living in Frankfurt - Sachsenhausen area, which is a small and very connected city.
Every day i could easily walk to work (10-15 minutes), something i really liked, having not the need to get into metro station, bus etc.

We are a couple that does not like living in very crowded areas but simultaneously do not want to be isolated from everybody, living in the suburbs,as we both do not speak French or Dutch.

I have a passion for good coffee / restaurants and jogging, so it would be preferable to find an apartment close to a place where i could enjoy such things.

I have heard of areas as Uccle, Saint Pierre/Lambert, Ixelles, however except Ixelles, everything else seems a bit far and isolated. In the forum i read about Louise Avenue next to Chatelain, is it a good place to live?

Sorry to ask so many things, does a place that covers most of my needs exist?

My budget could reach 1300-1400 euros per month for a 2 bedroom furnished apartment.

Many thanks for your feedback .

Hi Gataros and welcome to :)

Please feel free to have a look at the Living in Belgium guide section, it might help you in your future move to Belgium.

Concerning your question about where to take an accommodation, feel free to contact real estate agencies, they are more apt to help you in your search.
Here is a small list : … al-estate/

Best of luck,

Priscilla team

you may check this immoweb link
N°7123087, bordering Ixelles,
best regards

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